[Tidbits] Makara

Crocodile oh Crocodile
Do sit with me and talk awhile…
Author Unknown

The fourth tooth of the lower jaw protrudes on each side to show it
is indeed a true crocodile. A beast… a God… a trinket of gems and
gold. Makara… a Sanskrit word which refers to our amphibian friend.

Ancient India. Birth of a meticulous devotion to bejeweled
craftsmanship. Nothing for the hoi-polloi here folks. The wrists of
the aristocratic ladies of the day were heavily laden with adornments
to make the most Fifth Avenue-ish amongst us writhe in jealous agony.

Unique jewelry was the cornerstone of Indian culture. Nothing mundane
here. The top of the top… the best of the best… and the rest for
the rest. The ladies wore jewels that covered the parting of their
hair and hung down over their foreheads. Her tresses were engulfed in
sheets of gold. Her ears were never bare. Necklaces hung in cascading
clusters from her neck. Dancing swans hugged her waist. Golden Makara
clasped her wrists. She was bejeweled down to her toes. Nary an inch
of flesh lay uncovered. Ye gads folks… for all intents and purposes
she could have been naked under all that finery.

In Hindi… the crocodile is called Magar. This word has evolved to
be written as Mugger… and it is from this word that we got the
English word for a street thug. He hit me over the head and stole my
pocket book. He’s a Crocodile. No no ma’am. He’s a Mugger. Or maybe
he is a crocodile.

So how dangerous is a crocodile? Let me tell you this small
mythological tale. Horus–an Egyptian god–was an adversary to Set.
And so he fought an eighty year war with Set in which he took on the
form of a crocodile and while Set tore out his left eye… he tore
out Set’s testicles. The moral of this tale… you don’t pick fights
with crocodiles if you value your family jewels. As an aside… to be
swallowed by a crocodile is tantamount to beginning your descent into

There are those who believe that crocodiles make noises like humans
in pain in order to attract their prey. Then… after having eaten
the poor lad or lass… they are said to shed tears over the head of
their victim. Whether or not this is because they feel deep regret
over their foul deed or whether or not they have gas and can not
stand the accompanying pain is something I leave for you all to

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Benjamin Mark