[Tidbits] Magnificent...But without stated value

Magnificent…But without stated value.

GIA report…dated some 15 years ago…and I paraphrase: According to
their records…to date…the 8.93 carat Pear-Shaped…fancy colored
diamond covered in their report is the largest internally flawless
fancy intense yellow-orange diamond that had been–so far-- graded by
their laboratories. And they add…if you want a price value…they
will send you an estimate upon your request. Otherwise…they’re not
listing the value…which was surely astronomical. I have to imagine
that this item was grabbed up by some wealthy collector and now lies
hidden in some dungeon…guarded by metal-covered armored knights
ready to do battle with friend or foe in order to protect the
pristine sleep of our stone. Either that…or someone’s gallivanting
naked on a beach somewhere where the weather’s magnificent…wearing
nothing but her pendant. I rather like the latter image…and you?

In one way…I find precious gems a bit strange. Sammy and Johnny are
walking along a barren stretch of land. Sammy suddenly sees a pretty
piece of rock and picks it up…holds it toward the sun…enjoys its
colors…and puts it in his pocket. They walk a little further and
now Johnny sees a stone. He picks his up and also holds it to the
light…enjoying its refractive beauty. They each get equal pleasure
out of their finds. Thing of it is…Sammy becomes a
multi-millionaire due to his find…and Johnny continues his life…no
richer or poorer or sadder or wiser. Eventually they both age and
die…lives lived in different fashions due to an abstract value put
on a piece crystal. Give me a break. A good slice of rye bread and
butter can give more satisfaction. Especially if you put a little salt
on it.

Alas…I fear a digress…as I am wont upon occasion to do. So…to
get back on topic…and focus in on the hysterically expensive pendant
I am about to show you…I continue…without ending any
refrains…Cyrano to the contrary.

It’s a diamond pendant lads and lassies. It has…in addition to the
pear-shape I mentioned above…a modified circular cut natural color
fancy pink diamond weighing 1.59 carats…also no value given. To give
you a clue–however–as to value…I have a friend who has a fancy
pink diamond weighing around 0.50 carat and last I remember he was
asking fifty thousand smackeroos for the stone. Our pendant also has
three marquise diamond…prosaically white…and hardly worth a
mention…except that you will all soon see–if you have not already
done so–you will all soon see Le Pendant Supreme…and you will
wonder what those white diamonds are doing up there. Were it not for
that…I would not have written a word about them.

There’s very little more I can add to this fascinating tale I
tell…the reason being…I got home late last night…went to work
today…am going to Boston tomorrow…and have but a scant few hours
left for myself this weekend in which I can cater to my own devices.
That said…

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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