[Tidbits] Lucky Four Leaf Clover... unless its Five

Did Eve steal a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden as tradition
would have it? Why not? She took an apple. Is a four leaf clover so
far away? It clearly helped. She began to bear children in pain. One
of her sons was killed by the other. And she began begatting like
mad. Quick… someone find me this talisman now.

And yet… our clover is the best known symbol of luck in the West.
Find one… and you will find love the very same day. If you’re a man
and you find one… you will escape the call to military duty. Alas
and alack… there are no four leaf clovers in Iraq… though I did
think I saw some guys at some army camp or other crawling on the
grass on all fours looking for who knows what? I do wish these
secrets were made public sooner.

In fact… in the U.K. during WWII it was thought that if a man wore
a four leaf clover in his buttonhole he would not be drafted.
Personally… I don’t care where you wear that clover… if they want
you … they’re gonna git you. Find one on the evening of Saint
John…and supernatural powers will be bestowed upon you.

Clover infusions… for those of you medically inclined… will cure
various skin diseases. As to the first to discover the powers of the
four-leaf clover… can anyone guess? Yup. It was the Druids. Don’t
ask how I come to this deep and arcane wisdom… I am sworn to
secrecy. They knew that the possessor of this green little planty
thing could see evil spirits and witches. What they did with this
power is open to conjecture. Perhaps they made alliances and danced
with the dervishes.

And then there’s the five-leaf clover. Yes ladies and gennulmen…
the five-leaf clover does indeed exist. There are two thoughts on
the finding of this. One is that you will immediately become
extremely wealthy… the other is you’ll probably get sick and die.

So… should you one day find yourself on your hands and knees
rummaging around on your front lawn… oblivious to the fact that
your neighbors are probably looking at you behind curtained windows
thinking you have surely gone stark raving mad… and should you
suddenly find yourself confronted by a five-leaf clover… I can only
say good luck. It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette. Ya pulls the
clover… ya pulls the trigger… ya takes yer chances … wealth or

So… all this… for what? I’ll tell you for what. I have a four-
leaf clover… that’s for what. Princess cuts and pear shaped and
round diamonds inlaid into what looks like black onyx. No
description available. No price available. Just an image. But rather
nice looking when considering its history.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark