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[Tidbits] Lead 'em by the Nose

To control someone and make them do exactly what you want them to do.
It started with cows which were let by a ring which had been put
through their noses. Then it segued on to man. He thinks she’s
perfect, but she leads him around by the nose. And then… finally…
it rested with women. And then we had a nose lead of another color…
called a “Nath”.

Among the many ornaments with which women of India adorn
themselves… the most seductive of them all is the nose-ring. (Nath)
Some are small… some are quite large … some are most
provocative… dangling alluringly from the nostril to just above the
upper lip. I shudder to think of the consequences of a situation in
which a most alluringly enticing beauty suddenly lets loose with a
blast of a phlegm filled sneeze while wearing one of these

If we take into account the speed of a sneeze which Guinness has
clocked at 115 mph but which–it has been said–can attain a wind
power of 300 mph… then it is not a great stretch to foresee the
possibility of such a blast hitting the once seductive nose ring with
such force as to cause it to rip through the nostril–causing
permanent scarring–and end up sailing with great force across a
dinner table and landing with a plop in someone’s
fettucini-fra-diavolo… or whatever the dish du jour is.

Another encumbrance is eating… at which time the wearers are
obliged to hold the nose-rings up and out of the way while slipping
food down their gullets. And on the really really big Naths… a
chain is attached to the ring at one end and hooked to the hair to
support the weight of the ornament lest it drag the nostril down to
below the naval–which in my mind can not in any way, shape, or
form–be considered sexually pleasing. I meet a woman with one
nostril hanging three feet below her upper lip and I run for the
hills… let me tell you.

However… one must take into account cultural protocols. In Hindu
the word Naath also means lord and master and husband… which
intimates subjugation. At the same time the nose-ring is considered a
mark of beauty in south India and the wearing of it is often
considered by future mother-in-laws to be a condition in the
selection of a bride for their sons.

At the same time… among prostitutes… the ceremonial removal of
the Nath is considered to be symbolic of the loss of virginity. I
wonder how many men have been duped over the years in thinking they
had a gal of utmost purity assured by the visibility of the ring in
her nose. This is easily understandable when one takes into account
that the Nath evokes a powerful seductive charm… lulling the
unsuspecting male viewer into a state of frenzied lust.

These nose-rings… aside from their varied history… are things of
utmost beauty to be admired for their exquisite workmanship. I have
one to show you. It is 10 centimeters in diameter… almost 4
inches… and is a stunner and a nose-grabber.

Go. Take a look. And tell me if you like it.

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would be proud to wear.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark