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[Tidbits] La Calvaire

This Tidbits is–as usual–about jewelry. But there is a divergence.
I hope you will indulge me. I am sure we all have our peccadilloes.
Our likes. Our dislikes. Our pet peeves to which we often cling with
a passion equal only to the passions of great love. Mine is
vainglorious self-elevated illusions of grandeur.

Which brings us to this question. what do you do when you find a gold
plated enchantress? Accept her at face value? Or upon analysis …
think that she might or would be–if human–afflicted with just a
touch of narcissism.

Ah Vanity. is thy name is self-elevation? Who is she. this bejeweled
lady? Enchantress. or… according to biblical lore … the Whore of
Babylon? Or is this one of those times when a cigar is simply a cigar
and she is simply nothing more than a gorgeous piece of jewelry which
titillates the faculties of the sensibility attuned?

Her hair is golden. Her face is golden. She is strewn with rhinestone
accents. She is a mystery. I am no expert as regards the premises of
criticism. especially if that criticism is focused on the sole
purpose of self-justification of one’s own sense of self-importance.
In my mind. the artist who created this beauty was extra-ordinarily
talented. One does not suck the sap out of the accomplishments of
others in order to presume ourselves to be superior.

Criticism is honorable when born of honesty. but not if used to
enhance one’s own sense of self. Okay. I’ve said my piece. If any of
you get insulted. ask yourself why.

As to La Calvaire (Calvaire Woman in English)… she is a copy…
unsigned and of unknown origin. She came into existence in 1990…
born a full adult. and filled with exotic beauty. She is three inches
high. She was worth $100.00. Calvaire means many things. It means
ordeal. In Canadian French slang it means f–k and usually used as a
vulgar interjection When used as Le Calvaire. it is the title of a
book written by a French journalist by the name of Octave Mirbeau in
1886. It concerns itself with a man who has an affair with a woman of
dubious morals. Perhaps she is the woman of my image. Perhaps she
just a piece of exotic jewelry. Perhaps she is and represents the
Whore of Babylon. You tell me which. The mysteries of life are

So. with that. go take a look. You know where. Look. Enjoy. Home
page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

She sounds like the kinda gal I’d love to have drinks and
conversation with.

Actually I may have already.

Jo Haemer

Mark…I think your in love. :slight_smile: