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[Tidbits] Killer


The old Boar stamps his feet. His eyes redden with rage. He gnashes
his teeth … allows his anger to overwhelm his senses. It is here
in the gorge near the river known as the Nahr Ibrahim that he will
gore Adonis to death and let the god’s wounds turn the waters to
blood. Some say the redness of the river is derived from the washing
of red ochre during the times when the river runs high. It is the
time for the change of the seasons. It is the aged Boar’s yearly job
to inflict the god’s annual death after the harvest. Adonis will be
reborn when the red anemone blooms. The old Boar stalks off … his
tusks blooded and dripping. He will rummage for roots and service
his sows till his loins ache and another year has passed. It is a
time for new beginnings.

Yessiree … step right up folks. All you ever wanted to know about
sows and boars … right here at the Tyler- Adam museum of the Wild
Pig. And in this corner ladies and gennulmen … may we present for
your viewing enjoyment … A Silver Boar Table Ornament. He measures
12 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 4 inches. He weighs 22.34 ounces. And now … in
this next room …

The year is 1903. A man named Mario begins his apprenticeship in
goldsmithing with Beltrami e Besnati in Milan, Italy. Seventeen
years later … he assumes ownership of the business and changes the
firm’s name to Buccellati … his family name. He makes jeweled
articles for such notables as the Popes Pius XI and XII. He caters
to the royal families of Italy, Spain, and Egypt. He pioneers a
jewelry technique known as texture engraving which he achieves with
a chisel. He creates specialty items for the elite. His animals are
a sight to behold … not the least of which is The Boar.

As to the cooking of a pig with an apple stuck in its mouth … I
know I know … I’m digressing … but not really folks … this
thing with the apple in its mouth … this ain’t no accident. What
good is it if I show you gold and silver artifacts without throwing
something in to throw you all a little off-kilter.

The Boar God was often sacrificed at Yul (today we spell it Yule)
with an apple in its mouth. This symbolized his regenerated
heart-soul … a credo that was accorded to Scandinavian belief that
apples were resurrection charms. So … to extrapolate a little
further … when they said: An apple a day keeps the doctor away …
they weren’t just whistlin’ Dixie. They meant it in a deep … deep
… regenerative way.

So there it is folks. All you ever wanted to know about pigs and

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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