[Tidbits] Jewels of the Frivolous Prince

They say … whoever it is they are … that it is far and away
easier to become a famous artist in your chosen field if you come
from wealth than it is–contrary to romantical notionology–if you
come from poverty … which–parenthetically–makes great sense to
me. And so it is with our Frivolous Prince who came from wealt and
was so named after having published a volume of poems of the same
name when he was a scant 21 years of age.

The year was 1915 when our poet met Picasso and fell so strongly
under his spell as to cling to every morsel the great man uttered
and dared not make a sound lest he miss a single utterance.

Perhaps greatness recognizes greatness. Who knows these things?
Sergei Diaghilev–Russian Ballet-Master–once challenged Friv to
write for the ballet … his only instruction being to surprise him.
In 1917 Friv came up with Parade … which established our
protagonist’s reputation as a writer.

Friv is probably best known for is 1929 novel: LES ENFANTS
TERRIBLES. Friv’s name … of course you all know it now … was Jean
Cocteau. What you don’t know about ol’ J.C. is his delving moment
into jewelry design.

The Academician’s Sword based on his design is gorgeous. The hilt is
the man himself in profile … the handle surmounted with a lyre
with an inset emerald weighing 2.84 carats given to him by Coco
Chanel. On the Ivory Disk is the six pointed star which is
associated with his writings. Each corner has a cabochon ruby …
the center holds a diamond.

So there it is … a creation by a poet/writer turned jewelry
designer for a day. Enjoy.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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