[Tidbits] Indian Head Brooch

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Indian Head Brooch

It’s the late 1890’s. Silver brooches are in vogue. They are
inexpensive. They are flashy. They have no size limitations based on
cost. They’re dramatic. They have flair. And they can be worn with
daytime clothes. And for the money being spent. who wouldn’t take a
chance on a fashion risk? Out with the mundane. In with the daring.
What more could a woman ask for than to be blessed enough to be
placed on this earth during that erae

There were in distribution at that time silver sash pins and belt
brooches worn at the waist. According the advertisements of 1902–a
mere ten years later. this was the latest Parisian fad. The price
ladies and gentleman…

hold on to your spats and poodles. a mere $5.00 each. And for this
bargain price mes amis. you get a choice of finishes including French
gray, oxidized sliver, and mourning black.

There was a manufacturing company back then called LaPierre. They
were situated in Newark. the very capitol of the world. Not counting
of course New York City and Chicago and Paris and London and all
those other places. But here’s the thing of it. Newark firms, back
then, were known for producing brooches in all modern styles and
materials running right through the first decades of the 20th
century. It is said that Carter, Gough & Co. showed some Art Deco
designs but there were never any found with the firm’s marks.
However. it must be said that back then many high end firms did not
allow the use of their trademarks on their cheaper jewelry in order
to eliminate any potential slurs on their prestige.

Which now brings us to a Silver Belt Brooch of the highest caliber
workmanship in the form of an Indian’s head. It was a LaPierre
product and was made somewhere between 1900 and 1910. It measures 2
1/8 x 1 1/4 inches. It presently resides–to the best of my
knowledge–in a private collection. If it were mine. I would not
give it up. It’s a stunner. Don’t ask me. How? I know I know. You
don’t have to tell me.

So. You want to see? Hmmm?

Then go. You know where. Home page at tyler-adam.com. lower left
side of menu. click on Tidbits. and see a most magnificent example of
sculptured design which was–back then–worn at the hip as a belt
buckle brooch.

and there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark