[Tidbits] Hollywood Star's Most Exceptional Jewelry Collection

Hollywood Star’s Most Exceptional Jewelry Collection

She attended Madame Vacani’s ballet classes with the future queen
of England and her career began when she was three years old and
danced for the British Royal Family. She was a child star when
she was eight years old. At fourteen years old she won great fame
in a movie called National Velvet. And she then became a
tradition among movie goers.

There never was, nor probably ever will be, another like
Elizabeth Taylor. She married, and then she married, and then she
married…In 1951 she married Nick Hilton. He showered he with
love…and with jewelry. A year later she was engaged to be
married to Michael Wilding. Her engagement ring was a sapphire
in a double diamond surround. Her collection had begun.

She was a head liner from the start. She ranks as a world class
jewelry wearer and is considered to have the most exceptional
jewelry collection in Hollywood.

When she married Mike Todd, he propelled her to super-stardom and
showered her with gifts of jewelry. Montgomery Clift gave her
jewelry. Harry Winston sold her jewelry. Neiman Marcus sold her
jewelry. But it was Richard Burton, her subsequent husband, who
gave her gifts of jewelry that embodied flair and beauty and
history and romance…all in one.

The year is 1964. It’s the premiere of Night of the Iguana.
Richard Burton goes out and buys Elizabeth Taylor a stunning
creature of gold, 4 =AB inches long, with sapphire eyes and
emerald lips, and diamond scales. It’s a knockout. An utter,
utter knockout.

Elizabeth Taylor was and is a class act, from her acting ability,
to her flamboyance, to her jewelry collection. And so…though
this week’s article is short–and perhaps sweet-- it does not
lack its one fundamental raison d’etre…the presentation of
stories, direct and tangential, about jewelry and its related

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wife for the opening of Night of the Iguana.

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Benjamin Mark

Which is another story in the long sad saga of the poor
aesthetic taste of Hollywood actors…like Susan Kingsley noted,
men drape their wealth on women.

Me, I prefer the bumper sticker: “If She Won’t Live Forever, Why
Buy Her a Diamond?”