[Tidbits] Griffin Griffon Gryphon

This was done once before. but in a totally different manner. So come
with me now. we’ll take another little ride together. in the same old
park but with a newer view. All aboard…

You’re making me crazy. Pick up you stuff. Yammer yammer yammer.
#$%@(*&! How many times do I have to tell you. Whaddya mean do I love
you. Of course I love you. Can’t you tell by my expression. Whaddya
axin me stoopid questions for? You’re a dolt. an imbecile. You’re a
useless twit. Blah blah blah. Chatter chatter chatter.

Of course. the question is not if I’m extrapolating in the above
paragraph. The question is. am I extrapolating accurately? I leave it
up to you dear readers. You tell me … when you see my Griffin. am I
on the button. or am I on the button? I shall proceed.

The Griffin (spelling of choice for today) had a body, tail, and back
legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. One was the king
of beasts. the other the king of birds. And the Griffin. he was the
king of all creatures. He was-- additionally and most
fortuitously–the guardian of treasures and priceless possessions.
among them… I am sure. scads of jewelry.

Their lore dates back to the ancient Greeks, the ancient Persians,
and the ancient Egyptians. This was one roamin’ anibird (a homemade
contraction of animal and anibird before? This was one travelin’
beastie. And his history dates back to 5th-4th centuries BC.

They were considered protectors of evil and slander and witchcraft
and. And much like eagles and even some humans. they mated for life.
though I must say I think eagles and griffins were better at it than
us. It is said that with griffins. if one partner died. the other
would never look for another mate again. preferring to live alone for
the rest of its days.

And. oh you jewelry lovers are going to love this… because of the
strengths of their beaks. they were ideal creatures for quarrying
gold. Here’s how is went: Want someone to protect your jewelry when
you leave the house for the evening: Get a Griffin. Somebody saying
bad things about you behind your back: Get a Griffin. See magic
spells coming your way. you know it. Get a Griffin.

And now for the thing of it. With all these most wondrous traits that
are imbued to the Griffin. is there one out there in gold? Well. yes
there is and there are. But nary a one to my liking. So I thunk to
myself. hey… find a Griffin you like and make a gold pendant out of
it. You’re in the business. are you not? Well by Jove. that is what I
did. I took the head of a Griffin dating back to the 7th century and
made it into a gold pendant–rather attractive, I thought. And I now
bring you back to the beginning of this tale. You tell me. My
description. Was it on the mark. or was it on the Mark? Benjamin Mark
that is.

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Click. And Griffin away.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Love the language,
Love the Griffin,
Love the smile your language and work bring to my day.

Best, MA