[Tidbits] Georges


Buddy and collaborator to Picasso … influenced by Cezanne … an
avant-garde adherent to Fauvism (Fauves is French for Wild Beasts)
before switching over and becoming a developer and leader of Cubism
… Georges Braque was a major influence to the world of art. Did I
mention that he also made jewelry? Well … yes … he did he did he

Interesting stuff … some textured with his unique style … most
out of skew with conventional views. I have a brooch … neutral
gold in coloring … filled with a complex pattern of faceted form
… a bit distorted from every day perspective … a brooch which
brings the influence of Cubism and Futurism into the era of Art
Deco. Not too sure … but I do believe the style might also have
been called Analytical Cubism.

When it comes to the analysis of modern art … whether it takes the
form of painting or jewelry … I rank as the number one
non-adherent in the world … my non-adherence flanked only and in
equal proportions by a total inability to understand its beauty. I
am … in this area … a complete dunderhead and carry the banner
of all modern-art dunderheads with pride.

And so I look at this gold colored brooch by Braque … and I ask
myself: Is she poised for a kiss? Is she under the sea … sucking
in water to be passed through invisible gills to glean whatever
oxygen she needs for survival? And the back of her head. A new
bouffant hair-do ending in a blobless clump to be passed off is the
rage of the day. Or is it her brain perhaps … a mighty organ so
powerful and advanced in our young lady as to push out bone and skin
to make room for its ever growing intellectual needs?

Do not misunderstand me folks … I mock this not. Well … maybe I
mock it a tad … but if so … it’s only because I can not totally
see this stuff in an admiring light. On the other hand … it does
grip me in a strange way. So go figure. I like the figure. Though it
doesn’t figure.

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… where you’ll see an image of a gold color brooch he made back in
the 1940’s.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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