[Tidbits] Feminine Ornament

Go ahead. Figure that one out if you can. No peeking. Just what is a
feminine ornament? So many directions in which to go. So little time
to go there. Shall we proceed?

It is not only an ornament used to convey a diffuse image of
femininity and the skills of the jeweler’s primitive art… but it is
also an ornament represented in the tombs of warriors of that time. I
do not have the exact year. I am estimating medieval times. perhaps
circa sixth century A. D.

I am gleaning from the meager I have at my disposal that
this ornament was found ensconced in a grave–containing a multitude
of warriors–which was also filled with a variety of valuables of
richly decorated gold and silver artifacts.

I digress. Some of you may have noticed I do this upon occasion. I
digress to say that every time I attempt to translate from the
Italian references of an image I find impressive. I swear upon the
head of the Holy Jewel of Jewels that I will never do it again. And
yet. the fates suck me in. as they are often wont to do. and I am
inevitably drawn into a swirling eddy of golden artifacts and
incomprehensible Latin-based words as I try to muddle my way to the
surface to catch a breath of air lest I drown in the rip-tides of
precious metals. But I survive to muddle again another day.

So. this crescent-shaped ornament embossed with geometric motifs and
decorations is definitely reminiscent of a female’s face. But the
tendrils on the sides. are they snouts as my translations intimate
they might be? And the face that I call female. is it that or is a
feline of some sort? Also. I do not know what this ornament is for.
The hilt of a sword perhaps? A decoration for a saddle? A hair
adornment? A mask? A doo-dad to sit atop a computer screen for

Or is it just a Thing. the product of a creative meandering mind
guiding a skilled hand to produce a golden object whose only purpose
is to confuse the minds of the discoverers of the Thing who will one
day muse and intellectualize this masterpiece and make of it more
than it was originally meant to be.

Oh how I wish William F. Buckley was still around. He would take the
befuddled thinking that surrounded this piece and turn that thinking
into a quagmire of total incomprehensible pap that would stand
proudly in the forefront of the intellectual elite as they raised the
banner of the image high above their heads and marched proudly down
Fifth Avenue proclaiming their own wisdom and insight.

Alas. he’s gone. And as refuge I can only say I like this strange
piece. whatever it is. And I hope you like it too. Perhaps it’s an
image of an intelligent alien that once came upon this earth for a
quick visit–just to say hello–and then hightailed it the hell off
this planet filled with peculiar and incomprehensible beings. You
tell me.

And now it’s time for the unveiling. for the viewing as it were. Are
you all ready. Here we go.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Don’t have a clue what it was used for either but I do see two
elephant’s heads and a tiger’s head in the middle. Really looking
forward to reading what others see.

Barbara on a sunny Mabon on the island

I see two elephant heads, left and right. As for the center, I’m not
sure. I am sure that I love your tidbits, though. Thanks for another
bit of joy.

LL, Syrian Gold Two elephant heads and a Panther’s head center Bill

OK - my best guess. You do not say if this is solid, or a sheet over
wood. Most likely it is a thin sheet.

I don’t know why you say that it is feminine.

From all of the holes, it was certainly securely attached -
although, I am not sure if they were original.

Most likely it was attached to trappings for a horse.

You are probably at least a milenium late for the date.

Most likely it is Scythian gold. But it could have been found
anywhere from the high mountains of Altai - the ‘frozen tombs’ to the
Ukraine, to almost anywhere across Europe. This style was wide-spread
on the Euro-Asian continent.

Thanks for the puzzle.

I see the two elephant heads.

The trunks are made of the head and neck of griffins.

There might be another creature in the neck of the griffin, but I
can’t make it out.

The side of each elephant head contains a dragon.

There are two rampant lions facing each other in the top middle of
the ornament.

Below them seems to be the heads of two birds that have long tongues
that flare out like flames.

Below that seems to be the heads of two vultures facing away from
each other that hang below the ornament.

I expect that I missed some because this was probably made in a
culture that put value on packing in as many powerful creatures as
possible. I think that this is a talisman that is designed to
channel the power of these creatures.

Just a quick explanation. The fault is mine for not having been
clear. The reason I say it is feminine is because I translated the
description from the Italian: “ornamenti muliebre” which means
feminine ornament. Best wishes.

Since I am female, I reserve the right to change my mind. I do not
believe these are elephant heads - I now believe them to be fish.

I agree with Benjamin - the piece is feminine. I clearly see a womb
and fallopian tubes.

Linda in central FL