[Tidbits] Elephant


To understand as deeply as I know you all crave to understand as
to why elephants are used in jewelry…I need to give you some
background. No longer will you have to stay up nights…ignoring
your mates…neglecting your children…while pondering the
eternal mysteries of the pachyderm. I am here folks…to

It starts in India…land of the elephant. Shiva…Hindu god
known as Shiva The Destroyer…was known to wear the skin of an
elephant at times. Airavata…the great white elephant of Indian
myth…was born of the churning primal sea and had four tusks.
The sexually insatiable Radha… spouse to Krishna…was known as
the She-Elephant because elephants were common symbols of
extraordinary sexual powers. The Kama Sutra, my friends,
designates those men and women with the largest genitals and the
most voracious sexual appetites, as “elephant men” and elephant
women". A male elephant…in them thar days…was given the
title of “Begetter”. Buddha was begotten of the virgin Maya by
the elephant god Ganesha.

We segue now to Africa folks…where the magic of the elephant
was considered essential to victory in war. Fact of the matter
is…the belief went so deep that Hannibal tried to take them
over the Alps in order to attack Rome. The fact that he failed
has nothing to do with the potency of the belief in our

There are references to the elephant in Judeo-Christian
beliefs…but they are so arcane that I hesitate to pursue that
avenue…other than this brief mention. The name
Behemoth–meaning giant and leviathan and mammoth and monstrously
huge–was the name of an Egyptian elephant-headed demon who made
his presence known in the mythology of western Europe.

Today…the elephant still represents the sacredness of marriage
in Buddhist fertility rituals. A painted white elephant is led by
monks in a solemn procession while men wearing women’s clothing
make salacious jokes. All this to honor the cosmic female and to
awaken the dormant sexual energy of fertility.

Well…there it is…from gods to cross-dressers…the elephant
stands tall as the most unique and potent symbol of sexual energy
the world has ever known. Once upon a time a great jeweler by
the name of Cartier created a gorgeous elephant bracelet made of
rubies and diamonds and sapphires and emeralds, set in yellow
gold, and sold it to The Maharajah of Patiala. A quaint piece of
beauty which you all might want to see. If so…well
then…quick quick…to my home page…down the table
menu…till you get to Tidbit Graphics…and click on elephant.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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