[Tidbits] Drust and Essyllt

Sit back. relax… I will muddle your minds as they’ve never been
muddled before. But before I begin. by a show of hands. how many of
you know who Drust and Essyllt were? Wow! That many. Unless of course
you’re all lying. Still. the thing of it is that many of you may well
have heard of both of them.

So. there was once a Pictish prince named Drust, son of Talorc. He
lived in the Highlands of Scotland circa 780. As his story evolved.
his name evolved as well. and Drust became Drystan. Sounds like an
anti- histamine doesn’t it? Into the picture comes King March. It
turns out that Drystan falls in love with King March’s wife, Essyllt.
As a quick aside to this whole thing. it turns out that March’s name
means “ass’ ears”. Don’t ask me why. I am overwhelmed by the mundane
aspects of life. the complex knock me out completely.

And more time passes by. and soon Drystan’s name evolves again. this
time into Tristan. And King March’s wife Essyllt. why she becomes
Isolde. Hence Tristan and Isolde. He. a knight. She. a king’s wife.
And it comes to pass that Isolde has a daughter. Her name. oh you’re
not going to believe this. why… it’s also Isolde. So now. Tristan
and Isolde. what are we talking here? They fall in love. Who falls in
love? Tristan and Isolde. But which Isolde? How do we know who is
who? Easy. We refer to one as Queen Isolde the Elder and to the other
as Isolde the Fair aka Isolde de Blonde or even Princess Isolde.

So now we know who’s who. But do we know what’s what? How. for
example. did Tristan and Isolde meet? To keep this all short and
sweet and as un-convoluted at possible. Tristan gets into a duel.
wins… but is mortally wounded by his opponent’s poisoned sword. Who
has the cure for this? Yup. You got it. Isolde the Elder. Tristan
pops over for Isolde the Elder’s cure and promptly falls in love with
Isolde the Fair. Isolde the Elder ain’t all that pleased with the
situation because the wound Tristan received, he received from Isolde
the Elder’s uncle. who he killed. But cure him she does. Peace at all
costs and all that.

Eventually Isolde the Fair marries a king but has and has had and
keeps having trysts with Tristan. On her wedding night Isolde the
Fair gets a virgin to hop into the sack with Kingie --he
unsuspecting–and he takes her maidenhood and she sneaks out of the
bed and Isolde the Fair sneaks into the bed and all is well with the

Or is it? This is a lengthy tale and I am going to cut to the chase
in the interests of brevity and the curtailment of potential
boredom.Complexities come and complexities go and finally Tristan is
mortally wounded. Death is beckoning. Isolde the Fair hears of this
and promptly leaves hearth and home to be with her lover. Seeing him
gasp his last breath she lies down next to him and promptly also
expires. And this ends this tale. Except for one thing.

There is out there a Tristan and Isolde pin which is nothing short of
drop-dead gorgeous. You didn’t think I was writing this for my health
did you? The glass is rhodium plated with red epoxy for the wine.
Clear crystals grace the stem. Pin is gold plated brass. Measurement:
50.8 mm in diameter.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark