[Tidbits] Drops of Frozen Wine

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A quick disclaimer. I did an article about 8 months ago with a
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rejoice in the celebration of partial repetitiveness.

Drops of Frozen Wine

“… they are drops of frozen wine from Eden’s vats…” by Ralph
Waldo Emerson.

He was speaking–of course–of rubies. Of the precious colored
gemstones–in its finest state–it is the most rare and valuable…
surpassing even the diamond. Tavernier said that when a ruby exceeds
6 carats and is perfect it is sold for whatever is asked for it.

The best of them are mined in the Mogok region of Burma for it is
here that the most ideal of geological conditions exist required to
produce the exceptional color for which these rubies are prized. The
mining area is small… and today nearly if not totally depleted.

The magical and medicinal qualities of these stones is not to be
underestimated. The wearer of such a stone will be endowed with
health and wisdom and happiness. Of course one could take the view
that the wealth one would have to have to afford such a stone could
only be acquired by great wisdom which would on one hand afford great
happiness and on the other hand afford the services of the finest
medical minds. For the cynical of mind and body… this might well be
construed to be one of those chicken and the egg things and which
came first. This is of course utter nonsense… magic exists and
lives well inside the heart of the finest of rubies.

In olden times people of the east would insert a ruby into a cut in
the skin believing–quite rightly I might add–that the stone would
infuse into their blood great courage. I personally do not believe
that there lives on this earth a human with cowardly traits who has
had a ruby inserted into his skin. This is proof enough of the
effects of this stone for me… as it should be for you.

It was a remedy for too many a number of ailments to be mentioned in
this brief ezine. It has always been–as a statement of utter
redundancy --a symbol of great wealth. Duh.

In the year 1932 a 8.59 carat octagonal-cut gem ruby and
shield-shaped diamond platinum ring was made by Tiffany. The ruby was
of Burmese origin with no indication of thermal treatment. The ruby’s
value in 1998 was $800,000.

As chance would have it… I have an image of said ring. Can you
believe this? Fortuitousness knocks on my door daily.

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