[Tidbits] Dragon

The tales of this beastie are as numerous as there are different
types of dragons. What? You thought it was one kind only? Wings? Fire
breath? Nasty disposition? All this with a need to have a virgin
sacrificed to them on a daily basis?

Nay nay sweet boids of yute. There are many kinds. There’s Niddhogg,
the dragon which gnaws at Yggdrasil … The World Tree which
supports the universe. And there’s Piasa … an American dragon
worshipped by the Algonquins … head of a person, a lion’s mane,
body of a dragon, and a tail twice the length of a human. And then
there’s the dragon St. George killed. And there’s a dragon called
the Lambton Worm … an ancient creature whose origins can be traced
to old England. And of course there was Grendel of Anglo-Saxon
origin. And Smaug of the era of the Hobbit.

And as varied as there are tales and types of dragons … so are
there varied jewelry creations of the fabled creature. It would be
remiss of me if I did not show you yet another … for I have shown
you one or more in the past. It would be even more remiss of me if I
showed you a piece of jewelry that belonged to the mundane and
commonplace and lowly workaday everyday world.

And so I shall not. I shall show you instead … a flexible fanciful
coiled dragon bracelet … made of gold and enamel and diamonds and
rubies. It’s total weight is 108 dwt. It is a dragon piece of
jewelry such as I would venture to say you have not yet seen in your
collective travels. It is an offbeat, crocodilian type of creature
which anyone with a keen sense of the perverse … anyone filled
with a strong feeling of contrariness and orneriness … would be
proud to wear.

It’s worth is in the vicinity of $6000.00 … a mere nothing in
terms of outlay when compared to the endless array of oohs and aahs
that would be evoked by all who see the creature. So …

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Benjamin Mark