[Tidbits] Cousin to Bixie

For those of you who know me. who have unflinchingly adored me. who
have become my friends. who have communicated with me upon various
occasions for over seventeen years–some less. to you and many
others. I am reasonably certain that you are acquainted with Bixie.
fierce guardian of Tidbits in my absence.

So here’s the thing of it. Of all the creatures that inhabit this
mortal earth as well as those who live in our imaginations. if I had
been asked which one is most represented in the world of jewelry. I
would have promptly responded that it would be one of the varied
members of the cat family. But then this week … I thought I’d think
this out again. And I did. And I changed my rather unscientific mind.
and have now decided that it is one of the many varied members of the
dragon family and it mythological attendant creatures.

And so. in this spirit. I have decided to introduce a new member of
the dragon family in the form of a pin with cerise and green
enameling for the body. folly dust glitter-green sparkling wings.
with a chest of dark aqua crystals and a crystal heart with a peridot
crystal eye. He or she–are dragons gender specific I wonder–is
quite an alluring fellow. or lady … guaranteed to entice the
bravest in the land of either sex to venture forth in search of an
out of world heady tryst. if indeed such brave souls still do exist.
And if such a tryst culminated in total satisfaction. what would
become of the progeny? I ask you these questions as I am sure you are
all as consumed on a daily basis with curiosity over these conundrums
as am I.

They say. oh they do say so many things. but they say that when a
solar eclipse is darkening the skies it is nothing more than a stray
dragon eating the sun. Not for an instance in my very cynical
existence have I ever have doubted this fact.

I hesitate to try to convince the non-believers of the existence of
this creature. but who amongst you does not believe in fairies … or
mermaids. or angel dust. or magic. or wizards. I would venture to say
nary a one of you. for they are as real as all and any other myths
that pervade our existences.

Thusly. as it were. the dragon–cousin to Bixie–though few are quite
as beautiful. had long ago made its presence known to the world of
jewelry. The one I have to show you was once worth $48.00 and stands
fierce and proud at 3 inches tall. and almost slavers in ecstasy over
the awareness of it’s own beauty.

I have not yet given him/her a personal name. I will entertain all
volunteer entries to name him. My decision will be scientifically
based on my own slants and views and the donor of the name will
receive naught but the satisfaction of knowing I chose his/her
contribution. I think this is the fair way of doing things. don’t

So. you know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where to go. Home page.
http://www.tyler-adam.com. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your exploratory pleasure will see an image of a dragon
pin only surpassed in beauty by my Bix ie.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark


What a fantastic figure of green! What a fanciful piece of writing.
Benjamin, could her name be Fantasia?

Please keep entertaining Orchid with your words of extravagant

Best, MA