[Tidbits] Coral ... a la Art Deco

Coral … a la Art Deco

Amalthea-the-goat lies back … her hooves carefully tucked out of
the way as the daughters of the king milk her. She does not mind …
for she knows her milk will be used by the king’s daughters to feed
Jupiter (Zeus) in his infancy. Ever grateful to his nurses …
Jupiter one day breaks off one of Amalthea’s horn and endows it with
magic and gives it to these same daughter’s of the Cretan king. The
horn will forever give forth food and drink for those who want it.
It is the Horn of Plenty ( in Latin: Cornu copiea) today known as
the Cornucopia. This is but one of the many myths which describe the
origin of this magical horn. It is but one of the elements in the
coral brooch you are all about to see.

She flies high above the earth carrying an olive leaf back to the
ark. Noah now knows the flood has receded. Land is not far. Life is
renewed. She is the Dove. She personifies femininity and maternity.
She represents wisdom and she is associated with the
mood-goddesses. She is the messenger of Ishtar in Babylonian myth.
She represents peace when carrying an olive branch–the emblem of
Athene. She represents the purified soul. A flock of doves is used
to depict the faithful. Doves and pigeons were prominent in the
shrines of Aphrodite. Doves and pigeons. Pigeons and Doves. As food
… squab ain’t too bad either. These are truly multi-purpose birds.
But I digress from the topic for hunger pangs cloud my senses. That
said … the Dove is yet another element in the coral brooch you are
about to see.

Onward and forth we go. A beautiful boy flits amid humanity. He is
an archer of the first caliber. He is the son of Venus. He possesses
a golden quiver filled with arrows of desire. A young man is walking
down the street. He sees a beautiful lass walking toward him. She
sees him too. A passing glance … and eyes are averted. Suddenly
… both jump … as if darted in the arse by a golden arrow. They
glance at each other again … each to see if the other saw.
Passions glow in their irises. Burning embers fire their loins. They
turn and sprint for the nearest hotel for a few moments of bliss.
Somewhere in the distance … Cupid is surely cackling away. He’s
done it again. And he will do it into eternity for he once knew the
love of Psyche. So … next time you feel a pinch in your derriere
… look for a flitting lad with wings … and gaze upon that
beautiful creature walking toward you … for you will soon have
each other. As you may have guessed … Cupid is the last element in
the coral brooch you are about to see.

It is an Art Deco carved Coral and Diamond and Onyx Brooch …
French in origin … created circa 1925. It depicts a figure of
Cupid reclining with a Cornucopia and a Dove. It is believed that it
was purchased by Cartier in 1925. It is valued in the vicinity of
$12,000. It ain’t bad lookin’ either.

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