[Tidbits] Christmas... 1919

It was different back then. Yes it was. I’m talking price-wise here,
folks. And I’m also talking concept-wise here too. This week I was
perusing the Christmas issue of Harper’s Bazar, December 1919.
Essentially, in the grand scheme of things. little has changed. They
were already advertising the latest in fashion-wear for women. There
was an abundance of beauty creams. some by the likes of? Madame
Helena Rubenstein. Anybody remember that name? And there were dogs
for sale. Scotch Collies. Pekinese. Pomeranians. Dobermans. And
schools. Costume design. Millinery Design.

The Princeton Tutoring School. “We tutor but we do not cram”.

Ah. what a motto. And then there were the Yuletide gifts. Those
special somethings for that someone special. What to get? The
question of the ages has changed little. Which way to go. Pragmatism
for two bucks? Or hog wild frivolity on luxury for three smackeroos?
Which do we pick and which do we showe

Eenie meenie tippeteenie. we show both. I’m using the royal “we”
here folks. We show both but we let you pick the one she would most
appreciate. Be careful here, my friends. Decide once and for all
which rules your psyche? Emotion or practicalitye

For the first. a slight description. Drum roll please. The ad
boasts. in part: “One labor problem in the nursery will be solved
when Christmas morning reveals…” It brings tears to one’s eyes
when one thinks of the joys about to be foisted upon she who spends
so much time with the wee ones.

For the second. a couple of smashing cymbals wouldn’t hurt right
now. I only partially quote here. You will see the entirety soon. “An
artistic piece. in great vogue in France.” Sold by one Clay-Adams
Company on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Three dollars or two dollars? Luxury or usefulness. A Sterling
Silver Stork Pin? Or a laundry set with a beautiful tub, a
magnificent board, an elegant clothesline, some clothespins, and an

There are more wonderful things to show. But the very nature of
Tidbits is short and sweet. Well. short anyway.

So go take a look. I put both images together. You tell me which is
the better gift. They were both presented in the Christmas issue. I
await your response. You know where to go by now. To my page at
tyler-adam.com. lower left side of menu. click on Tidbits. and you’ll
see a couple of enticing gifts of yesteryear.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.

Catch you all next week.

Benjamin Mark