[Tidbits] Black Diamonds


Yama…god of death to the ancients of India. When the Black
Diamond was in the form of twin crystals, suggesting the head of
a serpent, it was dedicated to him.

In medieval Italy, the Black Diamond was seen as the “stone of
reconciliation”. Wave a Black Diamond in the face of the spouse
with whom you’ve just had a spat…and all will be well again. A
rather expensive way to patch things up you may well say. I say,
for those of you going to therapy…trying to work your way
through things…try a Black Diamond.

Let us leave the world of myth however, and enter into a small
history of this stone. I present: The Black Orloff…also known
as the “Eye of Brahma”. This stone supposedly gets its name from
the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orloff who owned it during the
mid-eighteenth century. It was also part of a shrine in India in
the nineteenth century. It was exhibited, in the early fifties,
at the American Museum of Natural History. It is the most famous
of the Black Diamonds. It is a cushion shape, weighing 67.50
carats. Once owned by Harry Winston, it was sold, mounted in
platinum, for $300,000.00. Later, Southeby’s New York acquired
it and sold it for $99,000.00. Clearly, the steal of the century

Amsterdam…land of tulips, herring, The Diary of Ann Frank,
and… last but not least…the Amsterdam Diamond. This is a Pear
Shape stone weighing 55.85 carats and was so named in honor of
Amsterdam’s 700 anniversary.

Then there’s the Black Diamond of Bahia. Anyone out there
remember a song that went: Aye aye aye Maria…Maria from
Bahia…? In any case, this stone was discovered in Brazil and
was shown at the 1851 Crystal Palace Exposition. It weighed 350
carats as a rough…and was so hard it could not be polished.

And then there’s the Black Star of Africa…a 202 carat stone
which is deemed to be the largest colored-diamond in the world.
It was on exhibit in Tokyo in 1971 and was valued at 1.2 million
dollars U.S.

As to the color of a black diamond…most of you would say…heh
heh …it’s black. Well…that’s true. But it also comes in dark
grays. It can be opaque as well as almost semi-transparent. Black
diamonds are also often pitted and very difficult to cut. However
me lads and lassies…once this stone is cut, the results are a
beautiful and very unique gem. So then…let’s revamp. Should you
want to pay homage to Yama…god of the dead of India of
antiquity…or should you want to mend your differences with your
spouse without having to pay the exorbitant rates of the medial
professionals…or should you simply want to have a unique
sparkler dangling on your beautiful and well cared for
skin…what should you get…and, more important, where should
you get it? Why…get a Black Diamond of course. There is this
firm in New York, Tyler-Adam Corp. by name, who can supply one
for you. You have but to simply ask. Heh heh. Shameless, aren’t

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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