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[Tidbits] ARSI Thumb Ring

In India… finger rings as jewelry play as important a role in their
physical value as in their metaphysical value. The connection between
the body and the spirit often lies within the function of the finger.
In that part of the world… the middle finger of the left hand is
referred to as this sun finger. This is… as many of you may know…
is in direct contrast to the symbolism of said finger in the western
world. It is strongly advised by those who know these things… that
rings should not be worn on this finger as this may lead to blockage
of energy flow from the aforementioned digit.

Ah… but there are other uses… other than what most would thing of
as the mundane everyday wearing of jewelry. Look carefully at the
model you are about to see. You will see little amorphous
(non-crystalline) bits of solid material set within all the ornaments
as well as in the center of the ring. What are they you may ask?
Diamonds? Nah. They’re crystalline. Semi-precious stones? Nope. Also
crystalline. What then? Everything is crystalline if you bother to
think about it. What kind of nitwit presentation are you making here,
Benjamin? Do you take us for dolts? Do you think we have imbecilic
minds? Nay nay my friends. Not thee. Not even a single solitary one
of thee. No no no no no.

I will tell you what these little gem like doo-dads are. But first
let us take into account that after making money… and after the
pursuit of power… and after the heady joy of making war for the
sheer ecstasy of it… the thing we humans like to do most is preen.
Yes it is.

Now there may be those of you who think that jewelry has no value
other than that of ornamentation. Pragmatism in jewelry? Hah!
Practicality? Double hah! Well… maybe to hold poison in the good
old days when man was more civilized. Or to emboss a wax blob on a
letter with a ring’s royal seal to ensure no one but the intended
eyes will read it. Yeah. Right. But here’s another view.

Oh. Look at my hair. Look at my nose. Look at my toes. My nails. My
shoes. My ear. My rear. My blings. My rings. My rings? Did I hear my
rings? Yes. Well. Of course. Because those little glittering
garnishes set inside the ornaments of the ARSI Thumb Rings as well as
in the center are little itty bitty mirrors and one larger mirror.
The better to see me with old chap. Oh… what big eyes I have. Is my
hair parted properly dearie? Hey. Don’t ask me. Lift up your thumb
and look at your ring. You can see for yourself.

Imagine. You can lift your thumb up… place it against your nose…
wiggle the other finger to mock the world… while all the while
you’re examining your eyelashes to make sure they’re all equally
laden with enough black goop to make you insanely attractive.

So… have I piqued your curiosity? Do you want to see an ARSI Thumb
Ring… mirrors and all? It’s okay. Go. I’m ending this thing now
anyway. Go look. And perhaps someone might one day make one for a
baby so that while he’s sucking his thumb he can look at himself in
the mirrors. One is never too young to learn to indulge in
narcissistic and hedonistic behavior I always say.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits. Click it… and you will see represented on our
pages… an ARSI Thumb Ring… mirrors and all

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

How sad you must be, nothing seems to please you. I am not sure if
it is self hate, or hate of everything else, or just a bad day. I
hope it is just a bad day.

There is nothing wrong with liking yourself, maybe it it combed
hair, or maybe even colored hair. I love to see the kids and their
brightly colored hair, it is harmless fun.

Also it is a great time to be a woman, jewelry is cheap and
accessible. And if I am not mistaken men have gotten on to the band
wagon. The movie Sahara, the lead actor had a greatturquoise
necklace that caused me to rewind numerous times. Also in PS I Love
You, great bracelets on men. I have had two separate shops, and used
three men who had great designs and color. Inevitably when a man
came in to buy his wife something, he would go to these

I am of the belief that jewelry is my dowry, and if this business
fails, then I have to keep this stuff…oh darn!!!

Oh by the way, about this crystalline, where can I find it in my gem
books? Now I am going back to the original post, instead of reading
my mail by latest post, Blessings and hope your day gets better.