[Tidbits] Angel or Royal

Are those wings. or adornments to a fancy gown? Is that a halo. or a
wondrous headpiece? Is the face indiscernible because one ought
perhaps not to look upon the countenance of an angel. or is it blank
to represent the mindless heartlessness of the privileged? Is her
attire regal. or heavenly? Angel or Royal? Cherub or Vamp? Is she an
intermediary between Heaven and Earth? Or is she the aristocratic
link of communications between palace and hoi polloi?

And if she’s an angel. is she a primary messenger. as was a Metatron.
one of the highest angels in mysticism. Or is she secondary in
stature. as was perhaps a duchess or less in the royal monarchy of
things? Top of the line or bottom of the heap … angel or royal. it
matters not a whit. Unless of course one determines the advocacy of
aristocracy (which means rule by the best for thems what want to
know) by the support of its adherents. Re: Aristotle, Baudelaire,
Alexander Hamilton. to name a few.

She is a pendant necklace. She is Art Nouveau. She was created
sometime around 1890. Her creator is unknown. Is she an angel or an
elegantly dressed woman with wings?

Ah. the questions that torment the soul. How many queries are there?
How many fleas live on an elephant’s butt? So many questions. So few
answers. When viewing this pendant necklace in order to determine the
identity of the model used… do we examine the four worlds-the first
three of which are inhabited by angels according to Kabalah. or do we
search on more familiar ground. the fourth world. our world. in the
royal dwellings of the ultra-privileged? You decide. And then tell me
for I am not able to figure it out.

Paint her green with Plique a jour enamel. Strew with elegant
simplicity with some blister pearls. Add round diamonds to accentuate
her wings and dress. And make her a face of white coral. Remember
Carmen Miranda? Give her a headdress vaguely reminiscent of the Latin
beauty. Add a seed pearl latticework sautoir upon which the pendant
hangs. and voila … the thing of beauty is done. It’s worth as a
fancy doo-dad: Roughly $23,000. Maybe more.

And then. to muddle the minds more. in the US in 2008 a survey polled
1700 people and found that 55 percent believe they have been
protected by a guardian angel. I mention this as an aid in helping
you all make up your minds as to our lady’s identity.

So. for those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits… may
I direct you to my home page at http://www.tyler-adam.com where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits… click it. and you will see represented on our
pages an image of the Angel or the Royal. You tell me.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Oh, she’s breathtaking!

I instantly thought of her as an elegant faerie, perhaps the queen

Titania came to mind, and upon doing a little search, I happened
upon this image of a woman who is playing the part, but the overall
effect of the photo was as if she were a fairy herself. Not to
mention the dress is remarkably close in coloring as that of your
mysterious piece.

Speaking of dresses, in that same search I encountered another which
is breathtaking and reminiscent of your lady. It happens to be a
dress made for Michelle Pfieffer when she played Titania in a late
90’s film version.

I found them both interesting to view in comparison, though others
may not be so inclined.

The first image is here:

The second image is here:

Cheers, and many thanks for posing such wonderful discussions! Becky


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Neither angel nor royal.


Elliot Nesterman

I say she is more than royal - she appears to be a fairy queen!

Linda in central FL
Where the ponies are sweating in their winter coats