[Tidbits] A Very Tricky Brooch

Mommy mommy. I want my dolly. Now you hush up child. You’re too old
to have a dolly. Well then… can I have a brooch mommy? Please
please please can I have a brooch? Mary has a tricky brooch and she
wears it every day. So can I have a tricky brooch too? I promise I’ll
be good for ever and ever if you get me a tricky brooch.

Child. Please tell me. What is a tricky brooch?

Well… a tricky brooch is a little like a dolly. Only grown up. And
I want a dolly that doesn’t drink and it doesn’t swear and it doesn’t
dance. And it has to have a name named after a great king if it’s a
man brooch.

Anything else honey?

Well… my little man brooch has to be generous so that when they
ask him for money for war orphans he will give them five cents.

My my. That is indeed a generous little brooch you want honey.
Anything else? Why is it called a tricky brooch?

Well mommy. One of the reasons is that even though he’s made of
metal he has a paper bag that can slide over his head and then off
again so he can hide who he is when he wants. I think that’s why
they call it a tricky brooch, mommy. But I’m not sure. And he has to
be born poor mommy. But he also has to not know he’s poor so it
won’t bother him. That’s the kind of tricky brooch I want.

My my child. You certainly are specific.

Well. Pespifkic is very imporant mommy. And you want to know what
else? He has to know how to speak the right way and if he speaks in
front of people he has to know that it’s not speaking… it’s
converstation. He has to have learned that in school. And he’s got to
have been a great student and a football player too. And then I want
him to act in a play and fall in love with his acting teacher and
then marry her.

Mommy? Would you like to see a picture of the tricky brooch I want
you to get me? It’s really quite ingenious mommy. It’s made of
enameled metal and it has that paper bag I was telling you about.
It’s truly clever you know. I’ll show it to you and then maybe you

can help me give the tricky brooch a name.

And she did. And her mommy knew the tricky brooch’s name. Do you?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

And she did. And her mommy knew the tricky brooch's name. Do you? 

Looks like Richard Nixon to me, otherwise known as “Tricky Dick”

Rose Alene