[Tidbits] A Star's Jewels

A Star’s Jewels

I’ll tell you about her…you see if you can figure out who she
is…and then I’ll show you one of her many pieces of jewelry…all
worth big bucks.

She was from the Star era of old Hollywood…and she was
breathtakingly beautiful. She never considered an acting career…but
someone at MGM

saw her picture and…no sooner had she finished high school…she
was signed to a contract and a weekly salary of $35.00 per week.

She had as friends many notable names. Some of them weRe: Ernest
Hemingway . Tennessee Williams. Robert Graves. John Huston. Howard
Hughes. She had starring roles opposite such actors as: Clark Gable.
Grace Kelly. Humphrey Bogart. Frank Sinatra.

Now…up to this point I am pretty certain that only a very few of
you know who she is…our dark-haired little lass. But…the next
bits of info will surely reveal her to movie connoisseurs of the
golden era of Hollywood.

She was a southern gal…born in North Carolina. She was looked upon
as being the last of the great love goddesses of tinsel city. She was
exotic…she was earthy…she was married thrice. First to Mickey
Rooney. Then to Artie Shaw. Then to Frank Sinatra. Got her yet folks?
Or do you need a little more? Hmmm?

Okay…her most notable films: The Hucksters…opposite Clark Gable.
The Killers…based on a Hemingway story. Showboat…the remake. Then
there was Mogambo…Clark Gable again…and Grace Kelly. Great film.
I remember it well. And there was The Barefoot Contessa…with
Humphrey Bogart. And there was The Sun Also Rises.

She loved rich and colorful locations to suit her rich and colorful
life. Madrid attracted her…and she settled in Spain for a while
where she accepted the bows of the matadors and joined the boisterous
groups of flamenco dancers. Ol=E9…I say. Ol=E9…to that grand south=
belle…Ava Gardner. By a show of hands…how many of you knew at
this point? What? That many? Ah…c’mon.

As to her rather large and lavish jewelry collection…I picked out
one. A Sapphire ring surrounded with diamond…created for her by Van
Cleef & Arpels. The sapphire is of Kashmir origin…and the ring was
worth…about 12 years ago…something in the vicinity of $90.000. I
would put it today at over $100,000.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all nex=
week. Benjamin Mark

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