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[Tidbits] A Red Diamond

It’s the rarest of them all folks. You have your yellows and you
have your browns and you have your pinks… but nothing but nothing
touches the red. Ronald Winston said his father had seen everything
but he had never seen a red diamond.

So… let’s start with what it is that causes a red diamond to be
red. The answer is… they don’t really understand it. This is during
an age when a machine can beat a person in Jeopardy. Anybody out
there know Watson?

GIA labels this diamond as having a pure red color with no modifying
hue. Many reds have as a modifying color a touch of purple or a touch
of brown or orange or pink. This baby stands alone. It’s red and
only red. It weighs 1.92 carats which makes if even more desirable as
most reds don’t exceed one carat. Clarity is VS2.

You want to know what this little doo-dad is worth? Rough value for
this stone is a tad under $3,000,000. Those zeros represent millions

So… does anybody wear something like this on their fingers? I
don’t know. It’s a collector’s item. Where do you wear it? At a royal
ball? Yeah. But if you want it to be noticed you wear nothing else.
Oooh. Look at Marie. She’s naked. Bah. Naked shmaked. You see that
red diamond on her finger. She’s the best dressed one here. If only
I had thought of that.

The women are green with envy. They couldn’t be red. That had been
taken. Marie’s husband wears her on his arm with the pride that comes
when one knows he can afford the very best. Marie struts her stuff.
A little bow around her neck as an accent… and her red diamond.

She’s the hit of the evening. And when it’s over… red goes back
into the vault and Marie stares into the night infused with the heady
bliss that comes from a successful evening of showing those bitches
once and for all who’s who.

So… all that said… anybody out there want to see this little
treasure. Go. Go look. 1.92 carats of red diamond set in a platinum
mounting flanked by a pair of half moon diamonds weighing 1.01

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
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our pages a red diamond of splendiferous magnificence.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark