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[Tidbits] A Rebus a puzzle a riddle and such

A week or so ago–time seems to elude me somewhat these days–I
presented an image that was out of the spectrum of jewelry in its
true sense. And I posed a poser as Posers are often wont to do. and I
asked if anyone minded if I delved somewhat outside the realm of
jewelry so long as what I represented to you–dear readers–was
something beautiful as well as interesting. I received an
overwhelming slew of emails of approval. all the while understanding
that “overwhelming slew of emails of approval” is in the eyes of the
receiver. For some this vote of confidence may number in the
millions. for some two is plenty. As a quick clarification. I
received less than the first and more than the second. I do hope this

And so. on to the stumper. On your mark… As some of you may note.
I’m on a bit of an Ottoman Empire kick. The bamboozler of the week
is: What in the image you are about to see would you constitute to be
a gem? Loose interpretations allowed here.

In the Harem of the reigning Sultan the inhabitants vied to be the
favorite. For intimacy with the most absolute monarch on Earth was an
immeasurable feather in one’s cap. She would become “The Pearl of the
Caliphate”. She would be loved. She would be adored. She would be
venerated and respected. It was the way most treated the privileged
back then. it is the way most treat the privileged today. Don’t ask
me why. They–as we–contribute the same to humanity. To whit: One
body. One mind. The delineation exists only when we mere mortals
decide whose is better that whose.

One of the many privileges the Great One had–aside from wealth and
power and awed reverence- was that she did not have do her own
nursing. I am quite sure that she. as well as her clones of today.
would have chosen not to do her own eliminating if that were an
option. Excuse me. I have to make … would you go to the bathroom
for me? And hurry. This appears to be an emergency. Don’t know if I
can hold it in any longer. Not even a please or a thank you. It’s the
rights of the revered.

And so the Palace was equipped with wet-nurses whose sole job was to
suckle the royal infants. These wet-nurses came from healthy peasant
stock and at the end of their term of endearment–to borrow a
phrase–they were handsomely rewarded.

As the fates would have it. I have an image of such a worker actively
employed at her craft. baby in position. cradle at the ready. dressed
in the attire of the day. I may or may not tell you if your choice of
what is a gem is correct or not for there is no right or wrong here.
In this case the gem is in the eyes of the beholder. or is it? Tell
me what you think.

So. Ready. Set…

You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the viewing
experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your pleasure will be a picture of a wet-nurse as she
plies her trade at the Palace.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark

Wet nurses were fairly common, I believe. Juliet had one???