[Tidbits] A Most Ferocious Beast ... Revisited

I will tell you about him… you tell me who he is. But first…
let’s give him a name. Let’s call him Arnold.

First and foremost… Arnold fears only one animal… and that is the

According to Roman legend… only the cocks crow and the grinding
sound of empty chariots could frighten Arnold. And when he walks the
byways and highways of his world… he erases his tracks by sweeping
them clean with his tail. Not only that… but he sleeps with his
eyes open. I don’t consider this any mean feat… as my wife tells me
I too… upon occasion… sleep with my eyes open. Hey. One can never
be too wary when the moon is a waning and the ghosts are a wanderin’.

Ah… but Arnold is no ordinary creature. Wear his eyeball under your
armpit… and you ward away all other savage animals. Of course…
first you have to catch him and ask him–ever so politely–if he
could part with one eye for you have many treks to make through
dangerous territories. And then you have to hope he’ll acquiesce…
else you’ll just have to kill him. The advantage of taking this tack
is multifold. Aside from getting his powerful eye… you can also
wear his skin as a mantle… for this will make you invincible.
And… eat his heart… and you will have courage.

I just hope you don’t inherit–in the process–Arnold’s tendencies to
faintness in the presence of male chickens. It has also been told
that Arnold will not harm royalty. So if you’re a king… you’re
safe. Put Arnold together with a Unicorn… and together they depict
the warring solar-lunar forces. When Arnold is red… in alchemy…
he represents sulphur… the male principle. The
Unicorn–quicksilver–is female. When Arnold and a dragon are
together eating each other ( I believe this is meant in a voracious
manner ) they symbolize union with no loss of identity. I find this
last little bit of rather interesting for one can expand
on this theory… and extrapolate some while bringing this theory
into the world of human interrelations. Presented correctly… it can
make for some powerful arguments.

For those of you who have not yet guessed… I will tell you that
Arnold is a lion. The reason he will not kill a king is that he is a
king himself. The reason he fears the Rooster is that the Rooster is
the only creature whose mane is as great as his own.

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ferocious of beasts… The Lion… made of gold with a diamond mane
and claws and beard and the tuft of his tail… with emerald eyes and
a ruby tongue. Quite a frightening vision my friends. Quite a
frightening vision.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark