[Tidbits] A God's Gem and a Coral Fish

A God’s Gem and a Coral Fish.

She was once known as a Lady of the Animals as well as she was known
for her sexuality and her name was Venus. Her Horned God was Adonis
… both hunter and sacrificial stag … who became Venison which
meant Venus’ son. The city of Venice was named after her. A planet
was named after her. A poem–which has lingered over the centuries
and which you all know–was addressed to that planet with her name.
“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I
wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” One of her gemstones
was Coral.

Eastern myth has it that civilized arts came to humanity via
fish-headed gods. These gods emerged from the oceans to teach by day
… and returned to the depths by night. The Fish represented the
prolific life of the ocean which ultimately gave birth to all life
on land. The half-fish / half-human mermaids signified the aspects
of female nature. They represented the fertility goddesses … not
the least of which was Venus.

Coral … an apocalyptic gem with powers of predicting cataclysmic
evil on its way to destruction. Wear brightly hued coral next to
your skin … and it will pale if you become ill … or if you are
even threatened by illness. This is a very handy prophetic power
folks … for coral not only notifies you of impending illness by
paling and losing its luster … it also lets you know if you’ve
been poisoned.

Let us say you’re wearing a coral necklace … with a fish as a
clasp to notify one and all of your exceedingly strong sexuality …
and your fecund capabilities … and your other half can not stand
the attention you’re getting … so in a fit of jealousy he drops a
bit of arsenic into your glass of heavily sweetened Manischewitz
Malaga Wine renowned the world over by the culturally savvy as the
drink of the elite … which you down in a gulp. Are you doomed? No
way. Huh-uh. Non. Nada. Nyet. Nein. For when you glance down upon
your bodice upon which rests your Coral Sautoir … you immediately
notice the paling of the gem … you realize you’ve been poisoned
… you make a mad dash for the emergency room … and you’re saved.

I happened to have a graphic, dear souls, of a necklace
representative of the very necklace I describe above. Some of the
coral … you may notice … is a bit pale. Who knows the reason?
Not I … for I know not of the evil that lurks upon this planet in
the form of disease and poison … I am a mere reporter of some of
the magical powers that inhabit our green planet … and most
assuredly … I am not promoting my ability to supply coral trinkets
to those who might want them in order to warn of the dangers that
lurk in the shadows.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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