[Tidbits] A Bow, An Arrow, A Heart

I shot an arrow into the air, It never fell… to this I swear; It
gashed the sky… a missiled dart, And landed in a diamond heart.

All right folks. Longfellow adherents to the right. Tyler- Adamists
to the left. This may have deeper implications than one might at
first suspect.

Although you are all going to soon see an image of a stylized golden
cupid using a diamond bow and a diamond arrow to pierce a diamond
heart… the fact of it all is that the bow and arrow by far predates
the existence of cupid.

Yes it does folks. Let us trek back twenty one thousand years ago. We
are in the Oblazowa Rock Cave in southern Poland. Look. Over there.
Can it be? Is it really? Yes yes. There is no doubt. It’s a
boomerang. It is in fact the oldest boomerang in the world… with a
twenty-eight inch span no less. As a parenthetical aside… the
boomerang was only used in Australia for the meager past ten thousand
years or so. So now you can all disassociate your concept of the
origin of that tool with the down-under continent. And what has this
to do with the bow and arrow you ask?

Well… it would seem that the bow and arrow was invented around the
same time as the boomerang. And that exhausts the boomerang side of
this tidbit.

As to Cupid… he was the son of Venus and the Roman imitation of
that Greek god of love: Eros. I find it rather interesting that the
imitation has surpassed in popularity the original. His quiver was
filled with arrowed desires. Whither they stabbed… so did the
stabbee fall in love… or lust. Those two are such close cousins it
is quite often difficult to tell them apart.

As to the golden cupid and diamond bow and arrow and heart and
connected by a thin chain… its worth in the year nineteen hundred
and ninety eight was approximately $5000. That comes to about two
bits in today’s economy.

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diamond bow to shoot his diamond arrow into a pave diamond heart.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark