[Tidbits] A Bird...A Fish...A Lake...A Sky

A Bird…A Fish…A Lake…A Sky

Powerful symbols…mythologically speaking. Certainly reason enough
for any jeweler worth his historical salt to make a pendant
incorporating these paradigms. And the worth of our little
doo-dad…which you will all soon see…a paltry $30,000.

But why oh why you may well ask–aside from the beauty of the
thing–why oh why a bird and a fish and a lake and a sky? What do
these really mean? Oh Benjamin…prithee do tell us so that we too may

And so I shall.

Sky: While the earth is easily recognized as being female (who hasn’t
heard of Mother Earth)…for after all…is it not the earth that is
the womb giving birth to all physical life?..it is the sky…that
remote domain…abstract and infinite in scope …mysterious harborer
of day and night…manifesting the sun and the moon and the
stars…home of the planets…the comets…the meteors…realm of an
invisible creative power…it is the sky that stands strong as the
single most masculine force in our universe…for it is from the sky
and the heavens that mankind was conceived. Our jeweler–my
friends–knew what he was doing.

Fish: Definitely female. The opposite theme. For the fish represents
teeming life…the fertile womb ultimately giving birth to all life on
land. It is no accident that in Middle Eastern mythology the arts were
represented to the civilized world as fish-headed gods who emerged
from the deep by day to teach mankind before returning to the oceans
at night…ostensibly…I presume…to regather their strength…for
teaching humans was surely a tad more complicated than anything they
had reckoned with. Our jeweler–my friends–knew what he was doing.

Bird: A bit more complicated folks. Is it a swan…or a stork…or an
ibis…or…what? I don’t know. I can’t tell. So I’ll take a shot. I
choose…stork. Why not? It brings babies. It’s in keeping with our
theme. It’s a reptile slaying water-bird of good omen. It represents
fertility. In Germany children sing to the stork to bring them their
new brothers and sisters. Bavarian myth has it that the stork brings
good little boys to their new parents upon its back…while it
carries bad little boys in its bill. I’ve never seen a stork carrying
a little boy baby on its back. What oh what can this mean? Our
jeweler–my friends–did he know what he was doing?

Lake: Here we run into a touchy area. Lakes are the homes of
monsters. The most famous…that creature which lives in Loch Ness.
But there are similar beasties living in about 300 lakes worldwide.
Whether they’re myth or real is a topic I leave to you, dear reader. I
simply bring you the info. These lakes with their resident monsters
exist in Canada, the US, Russia, and Australia…where…in Lake
Modewarre…lives the dreaded Bunyip…an aboriginal word meaning
devil. Why then…a lake …and how does it fit into our pendant’s

So…now…how intellectual was our jeweler of days of yore? In this
rather stunning pendant I am going to show you…did he create this
combination of symbols with some arcane point in mind?..a mysterious
theme born of a mysterious message he wanted to impart to his fellow
man? Or was he simply a dunderhead…an incredible clod with
incredible talent in his fingertips…who created an incredible piece
through incredibly sheer luck. Go take a look folks…and let me know
what you think…for these are the questions that torment my mind in
the dead of night when children are asleep and adults are doing the
wild thing and witches are flitting about on their broomsticks under a
moonlit sky.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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