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[Tidbits] A $12,000.00 Hat

He had rubies and pearls and the loveli-est girls, But he didn’t know
how to do-oo the rhumba …

How many of you–I wonder–remember that song? It was called: The
Maharajah of Magador, sung … I believe … by Cab Calloway. In any
case … this is my way of segueing to India of the 1800’s where hats
and clothes were often adorned with all manner of

Hey … Bahadur … tell your manservant I want more pearls on my
headdress. And more rubies. And more emeralds. And more … and more
… and more …

Jewelry bedeckings on hats were the rage of the elite wealthy class
who vied for recognition with royalty. Yo … Jaipal … get me some
more Molly’s going to be there tonight making eyes at

There was a striving for individual effect that would ensure that
this person’s headdress far surpassed that of any of the others’.
Wealth and social rank could be determined by the amount of gems one
wore on one’s clothing. In those days … less was not more. More was
more. It was an age of simple irrefutable logic. Less is more is a
product of modernism as it embraces an idealogy of befuddlement.

So I have an image folks … of the ultimate headdress. Is there a
soul alive on this planet today that would not wear this little
chapeau with pride and aplomb? You be the judge. And get back to me
on this. Ya hear?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark