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[Tidbits] 3 Card Stud. Jokers and One Eyed Jacks Wild

Maverix’s the name. Benny Maverix. Best gambler east a the Pecos.
Some a yiz may knows me as Benji Maverix. Don’ make no never mind how
yiz calls me. Jes don’ wanna see no makin’ fun a me grins on any of
yer ugly pusses. I be the fastest draw on the lower east side. Draw
Poker that is. Three card stud jokers `n one eyed jacks wild poker as
long as yiz is all starin’ at me wid them dumb looks on yer sorry

Step right up ladies an’ gennulmen. Take a seat at Benji Maverix’s
honest poker table. Psst. Hey Mac. You put the mirrors where I tol’
ya? Step right up. How many chips fer you sir? Damn nice hat you got
there pal. Genuwyne Stetson is it? Wanna cut for it? High card wins.
Step right up folks. How many cards ma’am. Whaddya mean is the table

See that box whats covered with black lacquer? Shucks ma’am. Ya knows
who made that? Cartier did is who? And he made the cards and the
chips too. He made the whole shebang. And he calls it A Rare Art Deco
Black Lacquer, Mother-Of-Pearl, Hardstone and Gem-Set Games
Compendium. Yes ma’am. It sure is a mouthful. I jes calls it card
stuff. Nuthin’ an’ no fancy hootin’ tootin’ palavers fer me. Gimme my
words straight with no ribbons and perfume.

Whaddya mean ya want to hear about the set? I thought yez all cames
ta play stud. All right all right. So the box. Rectangular as ya kin
see. Black lacquer decorated Chinese style with mother-of-pearl, dyed
horn, coral, fresh water pearl inlay, braided rope handles, fitted
trays, red leather, dyed mother-of-pearl chips, silver feet, playing
cards and all the other stuff you see. So. kin we play now? Is this a
poker game or a jewelry show?

Why did he make this? Jeez ma’am. He made it because he knew he had
to diversify. He wanted to build an inventory what responded to the
moral mood of the public. I’ll tell ya this ma’am. that Cartier
fella. he was purty far away from bein’ a dummy. that’s fer sure. And
he also said that the stuff he’d make had to be useful. Ain’t nuthin’
more useful in my opinion than a fancy poker game set.

This set is a direct consequence of the Wall Street Crash in ‘29
folks. Did ya know that? Yep. It was affordable back then. Over fifty
grand today. This box is numbered S7. One of his early pieces if ya
consider the numberin’. Whaddya mean where am I from that I know this
stuff? I’m from the past ma’am. And I’m from the present. And I’m
from the future too if’n ya think about it. Ain’t no different than
any of yiz.

Okay. I see the table’s full. Now cut yer yappin’ an’ let’s see yer
cash. No credit here. Ya pays ta plays. Later on. if’n I’m feelin’
kindly. and if’n I wins of course. I’ll show yiz all a fancy picture
of this Cartier guy’s set here. It’s kinda nice. Okay mister. Ante
up. Then pass or draw or git out.

Any other suckers out there. I mean gamblin’ folks. who want ta play
agin an’ wid Benji Maverix. Step right up ladies and gennulemen. Step
right up ta the Sucker’s Palace. Hey. Mister. Why you grinnin’? You
think I talk funny or sumpthin’?

Anyway. you all know what’s coming. The visit to the image … also
known as the viewing experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Cartier
Games Compendium.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark


Serious box for a game of serious money. Gorgeous!

And, your language skills shine as brightly as this gem.

Thanks ! MA