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[tidbits] - 1895


Well folks. 1997 comes to a close. Good for some. Not so good
for others. The years are capricious and without emotion. And
this is the final issue till 1998. I go into hibernation for 2
weeks. So… for those who need it, or want it, or crave it…for
those for whom nostalgia plays a particularly poignant song this
time of the year…for all of you…I present…Jewelry from the
1895 Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue. Enjoy.

Elgin watches ladies and gentlemen. !4 karat gold. 2 diamonds. 3
rubies. With your name engraved. Delivery time…one week. Only
$27.50. Now this is the bargain of century. Or so it would seem.
Till you read the fine print. Case only folks. If you want a
movement put inside…oh…well then…it’ll now cost
you…$32.25. Heck… it’s still a bargain.

Now then…here you are…traipsing through the park on a sweet
spring day…catalogue in one hand…the fingers of your loved
one entwined in the other. You sit under that large maple over
there. And you begin to peruse. Oh look honey…engagement
rings. How was she able to hone in on that page so quickly, you
may well wonder. Ahhh…me lads. Never underestimate the psychic
powers of the female mind. But it’s not so bad. M.W. guarantees
their diamonds to be “… perfect, pure white stones.” Style #
19192 with a � carat diamond in a Tiffany setting.
Price…$37.00. Want to engrave a message to last into
eternity…or until it’s time to melt the thing down? No
problem. Only 2 � cents per letter. Earrings…� carat total
weight…$17.50. A lace pin with 7 diamonds. $4.90. All of this
mounted in solid gold.

So now…gold and diamonds are a tad high for your pocket book
just now. Hubby ain’t making what we thought he would. Try some
roll plate jewelry. A Victoria Chain…with a heart shaped charm
with Pearls and Turquoise. Price…today…$1.60. Want us to mail
it to you registered mail. Add another dime. A link chain
necklace, with three heart shaped charms…for you…$1.38.

Oh wait. It ain’t over. There’s more. Yes. Much much more.
Wedding rings. Best quality solid gold. Unfortunately…they
don’t bother mentioning the karat. Never-the-less…here’s one.
With an emerald cut amethyst. Price…in 1895…$1.60. Want a
little ring in solid silver…with a small charm dangling of the
end…your price…because Montgomery Ward loves you…only
$0.30. But wait…how about your ring size? How am I going to
measure my ring size? Never fret my pet. Montgomery Ward has a
patented ring gauge. To get one…just send in a 2 cent stamp.

What’s that? You want an 18 karat gold wedding band but don’t
know if you can afford it? Why…my dear…here at Montgomery
Ward everyone can own an 18 karat gold wedding band. Price…for
you…to show our appreciation…$1.00 per pennyweight.

Hey…folks…good thing Tyler-Adam wasn’t around in them day. I
would have undercut them…the same way I do the big stores
today. Heh heh. I know I know. This is a shameless insertion. But
oh heck folks, if I don’t praise me…then who will? Hmmm?

Solid gold cufflinks…with a diamond center. $5.00 Solid gold
studs… a set of three…$1.35. Want the same thing in roll
plate…only $0.25. On and on it goes folks. Gold jewelry…from
32 cents up to maybe 3 dollars. Ahh…those were the good old
day…n’est ce pas?

Merry Christmas my friends. Happy Chanukah. And a Happy New

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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