[Tidbit] Aquamarine Ring of the Daughter of Captain Fluck

Not an easy last name to live with if you’re going to pursue a career
as an actress … and if you also happen to be extraordinarily
sexy-looking … and if you’re developed well beyond your years …
and if the Archbishop of Cantebury denounces you as a 'Wayward Hussy".

Those of you in my age group will know her well. She made her first
film (The Shop at Sly Corner) in 1946 when she was fifteen years old
and still a student at the London Academy of Dramatic Art. Those of
you younger than I (sadly … this is not a difficult status to
attain) … may or may not know her … depending on the time-spread
that denotes those momentous occasions when your arrivals into this
world were celebrated by heady and perhaps over-evaluated rejoicing
by those who knew just by looking that you would all grow up to be
geniuses such as the world had never seen.

Diana Fluck … the owner of the aqua ring you are all about see …
was urged by one and all to change her name. How will it look in
flickering lights? What if a crucial letter goes blank? But she
insisted with her agent she would not change it. I imagine her
saying: I was born a Fluck and I will remain a Fluck to my dying day.
Yes … well … nobility is all well and good … as is pride in
one’s family name … but in the name of fame and fortune … there
are times when pragmatism must simply rule. And so it was with our

The solution was offered by her mother who suggested she take her
grandmother’s maiden name. Which she did … and subsequently became
the Diana those of you who knew her came to love. Anyone know who she
is yet? She was once a photographer’s dream when she posed in a mink
bikini. At the age of nine … in a school essay … she confided she
was going to be a film star with a swimming pool and a cream
telephone. Alas … our platinum blonde goddess of film died at the
early age of 52 of cancer. Her funeral was attended by over 300

And her grandmother’s maiden name–the name she took as her own-- was
Dors. Diana Dors is who she was to the public. How many of you
remember her?

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Diana Fluck.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark