Threading with Foxtail

Thanks Deb Jemmott for the gluestick idea. I always keep one around
to attach my business card to the inside of giftboxes. The next time
I need to cut out a pattern I’ll give the glue stick process a try.

In the same vein I thought I would share something that I just
invented (maybe only to myself as I’m sure there are some old timers
who came up with a similar idea.) When threading foxtail through
silver beads and settings I first coat the first 3/4 inch of foxtail
with super glue. Not a lot, just enough to soak into the threads.
Once it hardens it becomes it’s own needle or like the coated end of
a shoe lace. Not a huge idea but it’s sped up my stringing by
probably 400%.

Just thought I would share in case someone else was struggling as I

Rick Copeland
Silver Jewelry and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado