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Threaded SS Beads

Can anyone tell me if there is a book/video that I could use to teach
me how to add a thread to a Sterling Silver bead.


Bob, I have never heard of a book or video on this specific subject.
I think most of us are smart enough not to drill out small
spheres…well except for me. :slight_smile: I’ve done a bit of this for some
prototype pieces. I can probably help you out. I assume the beads
are solid. What size are they? Are they drilled already? What size
thread do you intend to tap? Do you want the threads to go all the
way through or part way through?

Happy New Year,

Ed Colbeth
Metalsmith, Computer Geek
Quincy, MA

soldera small jump ring at the hole in the bead and tap a thread thro9ugh the
hole of the size needed Makee the jump rings on the mandrel the size (smaller
than the thread)for the tap Leeon Kusher in Chil ed W P B FL