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Thoughts on Tucson

After the dust settles on Tucson, I wonder how tanzanite, and the
businesses who depend on it, fared? Did anyone attend the AGTA
seminar on the latest tanzanite developments? I understand that it
was helpful and answered questions, but would like to hear more.
There was a report on one of the major networks Saturday evening
(the 9th) about the allegations, regurgitating the same old points,
offering nothing new. Then after the report concluded the
newscaster said something to the effect that at a major gem trade
show it was announced that after investigation no terrorist link
could be verified. Three minutes of bad publicity followed by 15
seconds of contradictory news. I can’t believe how muddled the
situation still is!

I also wonder if those who had trouble with AGTA last year
experienced the same thing this year. From previous posts, I was
expecting anything and everything … especially when my
pre-registered badge didn’t arrive. I had absolutely no problem
there even though they had no about me on file and I had
only a business card as proof that I am an industry professional.
As well, it seemed to me that for all the disorganization that I
expected from AGTA, being as large a show as it is and again from
gleaned from past posts, I found that they did the most
to facilitate the attendees. The AGTA shuttle service was a miracle
and a godsend. And, you didn’t have to have an AGTA badge to use
it. The AGTA was also the only organization that warned me about
potential possibility for delay that could be expected at airport
security. In fact, I had the most hassle trying to get into GDLA.
They were not in any mood to accept my AGTA badge as proof that I
was a legitimate buyer. I ended up finagling my way into getting a
badge, but it was the closest I came to getting stressed and losing

I had a great time at the Orchid dinner and hope to meet even more
of you at future dinners. It was my pleasure to be an Orchid
missionary in Tucson. I started many a sentence with “I was at the
Orchid dinner last night” and usually got a response like “Oh,
Orchid, I’ve heard of that, what is it?” If we think that Orchid is
big now, we have just bit into the tip of the iceberg!

Finally, for everyone who was exhibiting who I did not get to talk
to personally, I apologize. I hope that next year I will be able to
spend more time in town and meet more people from the forum. Thanks
Sam (and company) for all the work getting the dinner and auction