Thoughts on Polygon

Orchidians -

I am very curious to hear people’s thoughts on Polygon. I have been a Poly member for a long time. I’ve heard numerous things, including that Poly is in decline.

There is almost zero jeweler-to-jeweler discussion. However, I’ve found the community to be very useful for trading (buying and selling estate pieces, stones, etc with other reliable trade jewelers with good reputations).


Personally, I use Polygon to see how the American trade is managing. I use
this as a barometer being compared to Canada. What I hear is that were are
two distinct countries, but still having the same problems in selling and
buying. Sometimes, we encounter some less desirable sellers. There is no
such thing as a political-border. We share problems on every jewellery
I pay way more yearly fees than on our Orchid, but limiting myself when
asked for other options…added fees can get scary…:>( I enjoy the quick
interaction on both sites…no more 24-36 hour waiting times for a

Gerry Lewy