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Thoughts on old jewelry adhesive recipe

This came from another list I’m on, and I received permission to
post it here for our ‘gurus’ to provide input. We’re curious as to
what the drawbacks of this might be, and if it might still be useful
today. Thanks!

After reading the thread about the beeswax mixture for tools,
leather, and more. I dug out my grandfather’s old book of remedies,
recipes, etc. It is from the late 1800’s. I skimmed through it (it is
a large book!) and found this. I thought it might be interesting to

In the book there is a whole section on ‘cement’, the term applied
to anything adhesive, it seems. this particular one was titled
Cement, “Jeweler’s”. (this is only meant as amusement, I have no idea
of the safety of using or making this, just historically

Take 6 pieces of gum mastic the size of peas, and dissolve in the
smallest quantity of alcohol. Soften some isinglass in water, and
saturate strong brandy with it until you have 2 oz. of glue; then
rub in 2 small pieces of sal ammoniac. Mix the 2 preparations at a
heat. Keep well stoppered. Set the bottle in hot water before using.
It is said by the Turks that this preparation will unite 2 metallic
surfaces, even polished steel, so that they cannot be separated.

So - thoughts anyone?

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Well- Lets mix some up and see what happens! My late mother was a
chemist. Whenever we kids wanted to do something that we know she
would not approve of, we’d always say, “But Mother, it’s an

What else you got in that book?

Have fun and make lots pf jewelry.
Jo Haemer