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Thompson Enamels ph.#?

hi, all- Now I’m all fired up to try this etching with the PNP
paper- I also need some gold foil, so can one of you send me
Thompson’s phone number? I don’t usually order from them-

Also, talking about this kind of etching… I was looking at
LJ’s bead annual from 1997, the one that has the beads on the
front done with this kind of photo etching process. there is an
ad from a Barbara Minor (page 89, if you care to look-). She
makes etched beads

like this, and then enamels them. OK, now my questions-

-> how do you etch and then form these, and solder them??? use
IT solder, I would guess??

-> how do you enamel something ROUND?


Thompson Enamels phone numbers are (606) 291-3800 (this lets you
talk to a person) and (800) 545-2776 (for VISA and MC orders).
Once upon a time they were as slow as molasses in processing
orders, and I was told they give precedence to their 2d day air
orders. I don’t know if they’re speedier these days, but 2-day
air always arrives on time.