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Thomas register

Hello David, I know I’m going to feel dumb, but I have to ask;
what is the Thomas register? Thank you. Tom Arnold

 Hello David, I know I'm going to feel dumb, but I have to
ask; what is the Thomas register? Thank you. Tom Arnold 

The original and main version of the T.R. is something about the
size and look of the encyclopedia Britannica. Lots of books.
'cept they’re green. The whole set costs much money, and is
marketed to busineses, mostly. Libraries often have a set.
Updated every few years or so. These days, though you can also
get the thing all on one or a couple perhaps, CD roms. It’s like
the yellow pages of your phone book, only dealing in all the
businesses and manufacturers and sources of supplies and the like
that “industry” needs to know about. Any industry. Not aimed at
private citizens or consumers, but at companies of all sizes.
Companies pay a fee, If I recall correctly, to be listed in the
directories as more than a line listing. That basic line, I
think, is free. The thomas register is just about the most
efficient way to find sources of supply or services for the
various things that industries and businesses need to buy or have
done etc. Their web site puts the register on line, allowing
you to do web based searches of the register. Very very nice of
them to do that for us all.

Peter Rowe

online version available at


you have to register with them but no charge left whole message
as this is good description

to get this URL to work, remove the . from between the www and
the 2. Adding .com to the end will help too…

should read:

Hope this helps.

Peter Rowe

There is a web site where you can access the Thomas register
free at I think you may have to register to
use it.

Happy Hunting
Dan Wellman