Third Annual MJSA Trade Show for Jewelry Making

Jewelry makers and designers of all types and sizes will have the
opportunity to benefit from the resources and provided
at the third annual MJSA Trade Show for Jewelry Making. The show will
be held Sept. 17-18, 2008 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in
Providence, and will feature a unique mix of vendors offering a wide
range of tools, components, supplies, and services. The show will
also feature FREE educational seminars conducted by some of the
jewelry industry’s top presenters.

Seminars will offer business and technical training on topics such
as promoting, pricing, and producing your work, making loop-in-loop
chains, designing with beads, casting glass, and soldering
fundamentals. Seminar instructors include Chris Ploof of Chris Ploof
Designs, Ann Cahoon of Marquis Flying Studio, Nick Regine of
Swarovski, Linus Drogs of Au Enterprises, and Karen Christians of
Cleverwerx and author of Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft.

Advance registration for the show is FREE. On-site registration is
$10 for non-MJSA members and free for MJSA members. Register in
advance online at For more call 401-274-3840,
toll free 800-444-6572, or visit

Louly Vorasane
Marketing Communications Specialist

Hi All,

I wanted to give you a heads up on a jewelry trade show happening in
Providence, RI which is directed completely to all makers of all
skill sets.

The dates are September 17 & 18, Providence, RI

MJSA has had a tough year…haven’t we all. They have been perceived
in the past as only serving one kind of demographic, as they should
have. Their primary focus for many years were on the
manufacturers/suppliers, but now with manufacturing mostly overseas,
like all of us, large companies, and small one person operations,
have made both subtle and grandiose changes to make sure our boats
stay afloat and weather storms.

I have been associated and a member of MJSA for a number of years,
have had published articles, a book, given seminars, and yet I felt
that when I attended their annual meetings the focus, the audience,
the intent of their mission didn’t really care about me all that
much. Now times have changed, and I can say with pleasure that there
is a fresh wind blowing through their doors.

The Trade Show for Jewelry Makers will be in its third year, and a
new host of suppliers, service providers, gem dealers, refiners,
metal suppliers and free education will be there…for you, for free.
These kind of trade shows, for the hobbyist, for the art jeweler can
be intimidating. What do we ask? Do they care that I only produce 1lb
of scrap a year? Ask. All you do is ask. Ask about what the suppliers
have, what they might carry to make your life easier, ask MJSA about
their amazing benefits and how they can help you.

I am pleased to be part of this, a change in direction, in the
tides, and to have MJSA at my back and finally understanding what I
do. And believe me, they want to know about you too. MJSA wants to be
educated about what you do, what you need and how to make your
jewelry business or your passion more exciting, more profitable. If
you can attend the trade show for jewelry making, do. If you do and
can not find what you want, ask, bug them. They are listening.

Karen Christians

I want to second what Karen said about MJSA embracing a much wider
demographic in recent years and turning towards what many on this
forum might perceive as a more relevant direction.

As I have been involved as a presenter for the Great Minds of Jewelry
Education and At the Bench Live programs I have had many
conversations with Teresa and Rich and Tina and Louly about who my
peers and students are and what type of work they do in contrast to
the industry perspective that used to dominate the organization.

I believe MJSA is becoming very aware of the new tide rising in the
waves of studio jewelers and fresh new talent infiltrating the ranks.

They have done an outstanding job with their educational program for
several years bringing in talent like Alan, Charles, Jim, Arthur,
Marlene, Kate, Jurgen, Daniel, Brad, Karen, Cindy, Chris, and many

I have enjoyed working with them several times, and I have also
learned an enormous amount from attending their events.

Michael David Sturlin

To All:

I just wanted to second a number of Karen Christians comments in
regard to the MJSA Expo in Providence, RI. Being located in CT
directly between the two MJSA events NYC and PROV, I have been
attending or exhibiting at these since the 70’s. So I have been on
both sides of this event. I cannot remember a MJSA show, busy or
slow where I did not learn something important or meet a few new
contacts and friends. It’s geared for us, people who work the bench,
those who manufacture. From the smallest jeweler to the largest
manufacturers. Our firm will be there (Spirig, Booth #1205), and like
many other pieces of equipment, you cannot only see our
Spirflames[tm] running but try it for yourself. People often bring
some of their work and tools. One of the best things about the show
is the ability to try “hands on” for the products being sold, from
the largest laser to the smallest rubber wheel or flux. You can try
it. At the MJSA NYC event there is also an Orchid Dinner one evening
(Thank You Joel Schwalb). A great event. As an Orchid participant,
please stop= by our booth, introduce yourself, we would love the
opportunity to match a face to your postings. You don’t have to be
interested in our Spirflame[tm]. It’s a great chance to update your
knowledge, to learn new things, get the latest catalogs, find new
firms to work with. Meet friends, and make new ones, in the same
trade you are in.

September 17 & 18, Providence, RI

Best Regards,