Thinning rubber cement

marlo - if you know anyone who has a backpacking stove that uses
white gas fuel, beg some from them to thin your rubber cement.
no matter the age of the cement it can be thinned if you let it
stand for awhile. or you could buy a can of some ‘coleman’ white
gas - it’s not expensive at all. if all else fails, get some
solvent/thinner from the local art supply storel - it runs
abouthe same as rubber cement for a gallon: under $20.00. when
it comes time to remove the rubber cement (from anything) DO NOT
use solvent! just start at an edge & start rolling it with your
fingers. it will ball up into what we called ‘boogers’
(aero/defense mech. designers be so technical!) & be completely
removed. you should keep one stuck to the rubber cement
container to clean up all manner of things; sometimes good for
removing residual sticker ‘goo’. since it comes in ‘1 coat’ or
’2 coat’ formulae, your best bet is the ‘1 coat’; 2 coat is for
coating 2 surfaces to be joined. good luck ive