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Thinking of buying a puk 3 welder

Hi there, I’m thinking of buying a puk 3 welder. Is it good for
sizing platinum rings? Would it give a good strong, invisible weld
on a shank?


The guys that have them like them. Depends on how much practice you
put in.

We sell PUK 04’s in the store now.

Regards Charles A.

Hello Helen,

I had both series 3 PUK welders. Though I have yet to weld platinum,
there won’t be any issues of strength or a visible weld as long as
you’re using the same alloy and burnish the area after the platinum
is deposited. If you haven’t visited my PUK review page, take a look:

Jeff Herman

Hey Andy,

Have you ever played with a PUK 4?

Honestly I’ve never played with an Orion, as I just don’t have
access to one. It would be beneficial, for the original poster, if we
could find them someone that has used both machines.

Lamperts product is awesome and clean. I’m assuming that Orion is
the same. Orion comes from a solid industrial background, where as
PUK’s are designed by gold smiths for gold smiths.

Lampert only have one model currently available, Orion 3 arc welders
and one laser.

I’ve been told that the top of the range Orion arc welder is
equivalent to the PUK.

Just some thoughts.
Kindest regards
Charles A.

I’ve had an early PUK and replaced it with an Orion 150i. I sent the
Orion back for reasons detailed at

I now have a PUK4 and am very satisfied. If you want to get stuff
done with a machine set up for goldsmithing, you want a PUK4. If you
can get a PUK3 cheap, do it. If you are buying new, the PUK4 is far

Judy Hoch