Think International

When you are creating something of great value, always look beyond
your borders of your country for sales.

I had someone contact me for an other reason today, he mentioned he
lives in Switzerland. My mind took the plunge & asked him would he
know of anyone who would like to do some selling for me? The whole
process of looking out & beyond my own country is starting. My
brochures are going to Dubai next week.

You mustn’t think small, get your mind & psyche to think out there,
you might just never know where ‘that customer’ might be living. Try
not to restrict yourself. all it takes is a few questions & see if
that someone might take the chance of buying from you. or even
selling for you. If your mind is limited to your neighbourhood, you
will stay limited. to that small area! “Think international”…get my
drift? Gerry Lewy