Thin elastic cord

 hey are stone or wood beeds strung on elastic cords 

Gee, I wonder where they got the elastic cords!?! (I can’t find any
thin enough to fit through any beads that I have.)

Seriously, I’ve seen many crystal beads on this material too. But, I
wonder how long the elastic will last??? A month? Two??? Waste of
money, in my opinion.

In fabric stores, you can get rounded elastic. It is used for baby
clothes. There are different sizes. Plus, if you stretch the elastic
as you bead it, it will naturally get thinner. This elastic will last
quite a while…Made to be put in baby clothes. Also, there is a new
elastic type material. It is clear plastic, with a lot of stretch. It
is round and comes in three different “gages” You can get it at
Eastern. I have a bolt ordered from them, will see if the beads will
go thru. But they should from what I saw at the showroom. Miki

Hi! So everyone has this the phone number for Eastern is (212)
695-6640. They also have a website at They
are very nice and helpful people. I bought the .8 and the .5mm jelly
cord. The best, though not stronger, is the .5mm. It seems to work
with most light weight beads. Just do not use heavy beads on it, like
hematite. It causes the cord to come out of the crimp bead. On the
.8mm you have to order special 3mm crimp beads, which they carry. As
far as the cord itself they are amazingly strong. The main problem I
found is how to finish the piece. The cord does not knot well and
since it is elastic you can’t tuck the knots into a bead because it
ends up outside of the bead anyway. Also one has to be very careful
when crimping, to make sure the end does not slide out of the bead
later. It happened to me on a design “test drive” I did. Beads all
over the place.

I have not had good results with regular elastic cord from a sewing
notions store. After a while little “fuzzies” from the fabric
surrounding the elastic creep up between the beads and you can’t use
it with crystal clear beads. No such problem with jelly cord.

Good luck and thank you all for sharing your knowledge.