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Thin colored acrylic / plexi and miniature bolts

I have recently joined the daily mailing list and have spent quite a
bit of time going through the archives looking for on
two topics.

I would like to find a source for thin (1/16" or so)
acrylic/lucite/plexiglas sheets or pre-cut shapes, transparent and
opaque colors. I have contacted Ridout plastics by email but not
received a reply yet. Does anyone have a current source for this

And I would also like to find a supplier for miniature bolts or
fasteners. I found an Orchid post that directed me to Bonny Doon. A
search on their site for the term “micro-fastener” (as suggested in
the Orchid post) yielded nothing. Ditto with “miniature bolts.” So
I wrote them today. Frank Singer was mentioned in an 1997 Orchid
post. Does anyone know if he has a web site? I’m open to
suggestions for suppliers of any of these materials.

This forum looks like it will be a great resource for me. Thanks in

Tracy Green

Try a company called Small Parts. I don’t have their number handy I
would try google to find it. They have a lot of neat stuff.

Marilyn Smith

Tracy-- A company called Reactive Metals carries miniature bolts and also
miniature tap and die sets. I have purchased metals from them, but
not the bolts etc. I keep this info in the back of my mind, 'cause
someday I will figure out a use for them and have an excuse to buy
some. Hope they have what you are looking for. The usual disclaimer

Katharine W

Reactive Metals in Arizona carries all kinds of small nuts and bolts
and in different colors. Their website is

Sources for acrylic - cheap and easy is off-cuts from a local sign
maker. They usually let you go through their scrap bin for nothing.

Small fittings - I go to my local hobbyist shop or craft store. Look
in the model railway section.

Tony Konrath

Hi Tracy, Micromark, at, carries a line of
miniature brass screws, nuts and washers.


Tracy, The following places should be able to help you with the

Industrial Plastic, located at 309 Canal Street (corner of Mercer
and Canal). in NYC Their phone number is (212) 2262010

Plastic Land located at 357 Canal Street in NYC (212)925 6376

Plastic Paradise located at 325 Canal (212) 925 6782.

Complete Plastic Distributor in Elmwwod Park, NJ (201) 7978400.

The plexiglass locations on Canal Street are known to have good

Diane Sadel

Try Reactive Metals, or Small Parts, Inc. They both have a selection of small fasteners
and other cool stuff.

Linda Holmes-Rubin
ForCapital Associates of Atlanta
Phone: 770-479-7837
Fax: 770-720-7555

Tracy, For the thin acrylic sheet do what another Orchidian shared
with me: model train shop for the material they use in the train
windows (thanks, Donna!). Gotta cut your own shapes, but great for
raising cabs if you can’t do the wire-under-the stone bit.

No info on the tiny bolts. . . but maybe the same model train
shop? Not in precious metals, though.

Kay Taylor

Hi Tracy, I don’t know where you are located but one source you might
try is Tap Plastics. They have stores all over northern California
and they also have a website that is . Maybe
you can find what you need through them and they also do custom
fabrication. Good Luck.

Allison Vezeau

Industrial Plastics has a great array of plastic, including the
shapes you mention. I don’t know if they have a catalog.

Industrial Plastics 309 Canal St. New York, NY 10013 (212) 226-2010
(212) 226-2015