Thin cab to tall bezel

Hi what can be placed under a thin cab to accommodate a too tall bezel?

You should do a search as this topic was discussed recently. You can glue a piece of lapidary material to the back of the stone to make it thicker and stronger. Then just rough finish it as long as it doesn’t show above the bezel edge. Cut the bezel down or add a bearing inside the bezel of the same material that the bezel is made from. You can also cut various materials the same shape as the stone and then shim up the stone with it. They might include a piece of credit card, thin piece of plastic, cut out playing cards, a layer of saw dust, back the stone with JB weld and even pieces of cardboard. The cardboard may become a problem if it gets wet. You should disclose what you have done as you are introducing material other than the metal that your marking might indicate. Others will likely have more ideas for you to consider. Good luck…Rob


Many thanks Rob.

I backed some thin cabs if Idaho seam Opal with opaque quartz. A friend uses black Wyoming Jade. I had a piece of turquoise with a high bezel. When the turquoise cracked, I discovered what looked like very light colored sawdust.