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Thick fingers - wide ring

Big problem, in the real sense of the word. I have a guy interested in buying one of my rings which happens to be a rather wide and heavy piece.

This man has no detectable knuckle and pretty short, cone-shaped fingers, In other words, nothing to hold back the ring and keep it from slipping off his finger.

Other than driving a nail trough ring and finger, is there anything I can do?

Happy days everyone !

Figure out how small a thin ring he can wear and also keep on. Make the wide ring a little large in size and solder the thin ring inside it. The thin ring will keep the wide ring on his finger. You can remove sections of the thin ring if it is uncomfortable. Good luck…Rob


Forgot to suggest that the thin ring could be made from half round material and reversed so that the dome of the half round is on the inside of the ring. Why am I on Orchid on Christmas morning? We are waiting for the kids to wake up. Merry Christmas!


Re the ring falling off, sometimes you can just have that smaller thin ring completely separate but put on after the main ring, it may do the job.

Noralie Katsu

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I wear lotsa rings but have similar problem as your guy and I do what nastu said, always wear a very thin band, made from same metal as my heavy ring, aloha, angi in Hana and mele kalikimaka

Oops I meant n.katsu!

Thanks, many of them. Good ideas, I’ll see how it ends up.

How about adding a couple balls of metal to the inside of the band to tighten it up.
Another option could be to make it a shape other than round.

This is actually his second ring, the first one slipped of his finger despite balls on the inside.

Have to think about making the ring unround, thanks for the idea!