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These are some shapes and uses of titanium soldering clamps

I recently posted this photo sheet on Facebook and it good a good response, it shows some of the shapes and uses of soldering clamps that I use, some on here may find it useful. The titanium strips are available from jewellery tool shops here in the UK or in the USA direct from Knew Concepts.


Thank you James. I have these and struggle with them, especially getting them to hold their shape tight enough. Any tips on this?
I’d also love to know the name of the Facebook page you posted this to. Would like to follow.
Thank you so much!

Elizabeth, I post quite often on The Metalsmiths Workshop, The Metalsmiths Coffee House, The Society of British Jewellers and Jewellery metalsmiths UK.

I shape my clamps using parallel pliers which are also useful for tightening any clamps that slacken off.


I use these all the time. Mine aren’t quite as pretty as James’s, but they work great. When they lose tension, I just tweak them back in place.

They’re also sold at @RioGrande now. One of the reviews there says they’re too tough to bend by hand, but I’ve found it quite easy, even with my dainty, spindly, non-manual-laboring lady hands. This is a great collection of suggestions, thanks for sharing them. What do you use to grind the ends to points? Will any old carbide/oxide grinding stone do the job?

Emily, I pierced and filed the points.

THANK YOU so much!!!

THANK you so much!!